tyros2img.jpgFor many years now, I have been a huge fan of Yamaha instruments. This all started when I heard demonstrations of the internal PC MIDI card the Yamaha SW60XG. As someone who loved music and computer games, it was amazing to see games like Discworld come alive and take advantage of the power this card provided for MIDI music. Before I had been suffering with the SoundBlaster 16 MIDI capability which to be honest was sadly lacking. The Yamaha SW60XG was my saviour from all of this and it was even better when I purchased the updated internal PC sound card the Yamaha SW1000XG. This is where my music playing and interest really began!

Purchasing a MIDI keyboard to link to my home computer, it was great to be able to play the keyboard through the Yamaha SW60XG and even my SoundBlaster Live!. I actually wrote quite a few compositions using this method, but I never quite decide when it is truly finished or not. Although this setup was good fun, I really was missing the lack of background styles and the more advanced options. Therefore I had a look at the flagship keyboard from Yamaha at the time, the Yamaha Tyros (1) and wow what a keyboard. It really was a massive leap forward in capabilities for me and I thought it couldn’t get much better than this, however I was greatly mistaken. By this time I had already created my Yamaha keyboard enthusiast website and with a few conversations with Yamaha UK, I was very excited to be invited to their yearly event named ‘EXPO’ in September 2005, where they introduced new keyboards including a demonstration of the follow on from my keyboard, the Yamaha Tyros 2.

I just couldn’t believe the quality and reproduction of the instrument. It was an amazing demonstrations by Martin Harris of Yamaha UK and it really displayed the amazing advances it has propelled to the musical arena. I now have a Yamaha Tyros 2 which I play every day for at least an hour to help improve my skills. It has become invaluable for my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project and for my playing as a whole. The massive leap for me over the previous Tyros (1) is the addition of internal digital hard drive recording, which gives you extremely crisp and clear results for sharing on the Internet or on Audio CD.

Although computer gaming is a one of my favourite hobbies and passions, my keyboard playing is still my primary interest and it is great to have two sites I can share this enthusiasm on.

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