After visiting my local Yamaha dealer, I had the pleasure of trying out the new Yamaha PSR-S950 keyboard, packed full of accompaniment styles & voices as well as a myriad of additional features.

The Yamaha PSR-S950 also includes a selection of ‘Audio Styles’ that use actual recordings of real backing bands to recreate an even more realistic accompaniment for your performances.

The PSR-S950 workstation keyboard effectively blurs the line between digital and acoustic sound and the result will change your musical perceptions forever. We’ve recorded professional musicians to achieve authentic renditions of their instruments and playing nuances and now you can play alongside them. The PSR-S950’s other incredible features—including Vocal Harmony 2 and Super Articulation for thrilling instrumental and vocal support—will add a whole new perspective to your creativity.
Yamaha UK Official Website

Here is a video recording I captured of the keyboard:

Thank you to Roger Hagarty of Roger’s Music for allowing me access to this keyboard for this recording.

I will be writing my impressions regarding the PSR-S950 in the near future…

[UPDATE: Here are videos that Yamaha themselves have created:]

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6 thoughts on “Yamaha PSR-S950 Keyboard – Main Demonstration [VIDEO] [UPDATED]

  • How much does it cost?S950

  • Kiran – if you are in India, it is not available as yet Yamaha India is still selling only the S910 / S 710. They have no idea when the 950 will come in. The S910 is approx Rs.85,000/- .

  • would like to hear the psr-s950 played normally,with proper music,that most of us could understand,not this flunky type of music that is being demonstraighted.

  • I think the main demo is wonderful. This board sounds so much more advanced than my s900. Thanks for sharing with us this short clip, James! Highly appreciated!

  • Hello! Love this. The psr-s950’s sounds are great. Greetings: Luz.


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