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Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner – Fully Closed, Yet Not Quite!

Within the next 24 hours, YPKO will be closed permanently, however you will be pleased to know that I have salvaged all of the podcasts, many of the articles and reviews written by myself and transplanted them right here on my personal website.

Shortly, all Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner related domain addresses will forward to a new section on my blog specifically for Yamaha related posts, which will include performances, demonstrations and my experiences with Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos. Domains include, and of course

Plus there is much more…

E-mail Subscription

For the over 1400 visitors that subscribed via email for news, these will continue to flow through as normal and will track Yamaha related posts on my blog instead which will include performances, demonstrations and my experiences with Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos..

To subscribe, click the link below:
> Yamaha related posts via E-mail

Latest Yamaha News

For those that use Facebook or Twitter, I have amended existing YPKO related social networking sites to automatically post news that Yamaha themselves create relating to Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos.

To follow / join, click the links below:
> Join YPKO Facebook group
> Follow Yamaha related news on Twitter

Membership Records

As promised, all membership records that were created through the forum or Buy&Sell sections will be removed entirely (deleted) within the next 72 hours and you can be assured that this information will not be passed on to anyone else!

Yamaha Club Tutorial DVDs

I am pleased to inform you that I will still be working with the Yamaha Club to create additional tutorial DVDs.

The current selection can be found here:
> Yamaha Club Tutorial DVDs

Amazing Comments

I have received an incredible amount of support and understanding from the YPKO community, so I have saved a selection and posted them right here on my blog:
> Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner Messages – Appreciation from Members

Final Thoughts

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope these recent changes continue to provide news and Yamaha related information and will help you discover new and exciting Yamaha keyboard and digital piano related products.

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5 thoughts on “Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner – Fully Closed, Yet Not Quite!

  • Thanks for all the work that you share with all of us


    Irene (Spain)

  • Any news on the new site youe mentioned a while back or is that dead news?

    • I believe they are waiting for the dust to settle to see if any of the many sites that have opened since the closure of YPKO was announced will take off.

      As promised, if I hear any news I will of course let you all know.

  • Thanks for the info james there are least 2 that i am aware of one of which lasted a little over a month has now closed. Would you have a link or list to the newbies?

    Thank you again for all your hard work!



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