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Yamaha Genos 2 Keyboard (Tyros 7) Announced – Videos, Demonstrations & Specifications

Yamaha have recently announced their latest flagship electronic keyboard, the Yamaha Genos 2. The follow up to the popular Yamaha Genos, the new keyboard features a selection of new features, styles and voices.

For the music enthusiast and solo performer, we present the new Genos2: a game changer in Arranger Workstations. Incorporating our legendary sounds along with the most cutting-edge technology, Genos2 is the pinnacle of our flagship line, giving you the highest quality Voice and Style content with unmatched real-time control. For those who want to be the ultimate cover band, or those who want unlimited possibilities in composing and arranging original music, Genos2 brings an entirely new musical dimension to playing.

Yamaha Music

Yamaha Genos 2 Videos & Demonstrations

The Yamaha Genos 2 features a vast array of styles and voices, including FM based sounds adding further to the nostalgia hit.

There are 1,991 Voices + 75 Drum/SFX Kits in total. Split into 106 S.Articulation2, 437 S.Articulation, 141 FM, 123 MegaVoice, 25 OrganFlutes, 11 Ambient Drums/SFX, 11 Revo Drums/SFX and 95 Ensemble Voices. There are also 800 styles to choose from – 720 Pro, 69 Session and 11 Free Play.

The official video below showcases the new voices and styles on offer…

Here are a few mode video examples with information for the Yamaha Genos2 keyboard:

Yamaha Genos 2 Backwards Compatibility

Yamaha Genos 2 Features

Yamaha has introduced the Genos2, an updated arranger workstation that features an extensive collection of over 1900 voices and 800 Styles equipped with One Touch Settings. The range of Styles caters to various musical genres, and with the addition of 200 new ones, along with enhancements to existing Styles, the workstation offers a broad spectrum for musical expression.

The Genos2 has upgraded its piano sounds, including the flagship CFX grand piano, which now offers more dynamic layers and extended key sampling. A Character Grand piano, reminiscent of a well-used German piano from the 1980s, and the U1 Upright piano, tuned for contemporary pop, are among the updated sounds. For those looking for a different aesthetic, the workstation introduces a new Felt Piano voice with a distinctive cinematic quality.

The SA2 voices feature has been expanded to include more instruments, providing realistic articulations and legato transitions. New additions such as the Duduk, Shakuhachi, and Celtic Flute enrich the workstation’s palette, especially for creating movie scores. Yamaha’s Genos2 aims to offer an enhanced musical creation experience with its array of new features and improvements.

Feature List for Yamaha Genos2 Arranger Workstation:

  • Enhanced Sound: Incorporates DX7 FM synthesis, Ambient Drums, and Steinberg’s REVelation Reverb
  • Extensive Library: Over 1900 Voices and 800 Styles, including 200 new and fully upgraded Styles
  • Advanced Piano Sounds: Includes dynamic new Pianos, reprocessed existing Pianos, CFX grand piano with more dynamic layers and 88-key sampling, Character Grand for pop/jazz, U1 Upright for modern pop, and a cinematic Felt Piano
  • Realistic Articulations: SA2 voices offer improved playability and realism, with a wide range including Duduk, Shakuhachi, and Celtic Flute
  • Dual Engine Tone Generator: AWM technology and FM synthesis for dynamic and iconic sounds
  • Ambient Drums: Control from punchy, dry sounds to distant, ambient room sounds with a single controller
  • Style Dynamics Control: Adjust the energy and dynamics of all Styles with a Live controller
  • High-Quality Reverb: REVelation Reverb from Steinberg delivers transparent, natural sound
  • Improved Display: A brighter, anti-reflective 9-inch touch screen, tilted for better visibility, with selectable light and dark modes for the sub-display
  • Enhanced Live Controls: Knobs and sliders with LEDs and a ‘catch’ function to prevent unintended changes
  • Playlist Functionality: Organise Registration Memory banks and sort Playlist entries with an updated user interface
  • Vocal Harmony and Vocoder: Apply various presets and effects to your voice for diverse vocal expressions
  • Lyrics and Score Display: HDMI port for external display of lyrics, main display, or musical score
  • Chord Looper: Record and playback chord sequences with new panel buttons
  • Bluetooth Audio: Wirelessly connect a Bluetooth device to play along or record performances
  • Expansion Packs: Add new Voices and Styles, including a free DX7 Voice Pack upon registration
  • MIDI Song to Style Conversion: Easy conversion of MIDI files to Styles with customisation options
  • USB Audio Interface: High-quality audio recording with DAWs or Rec’n’Share app for video sharing on platforms like YouTube and TikTok

The Genos2 keyboard has introduced several updates aimed at enhancing user experience and performance capabilities. Notably, the control interface now features LED indicators and a ‘catch’ function, designed to minimise accidental adjustments during use. The device’s 9-inch touch screen has been enhanced with increased brightness, an anti-reflective coating, and a slight tilt adjustment for better visibility. This is complemented by a sub-display offering both light and dark modes, adapting to various lighting environments.

Yamaha Genos 2 keyboard controls

For organisation, the Playlist feature allows users to sort and filter Registration Memory banks more efficiently. This update simplifies the process of importing MusicFinder records from older models, streamlining the transition for existing users.

The Genos2 also offers an array of Vocal Harmony presets, providing singers with various harmonising effects. Additionally, the Synth Vocoder feature enables manipulation of synthesised sounds using vocal inputs, offering a unique avenue for creative expression.

External connectivity is enhanced with an HDMI port, allowing the keyboard to connect to external displays or TVs. This feature is particularly useful for displaying lyrics or musical scores during performances, whether solo or in a group setting.

Yamaha Genos 2 with external monitor connected via HDMI port

The Genos2 keyboard now features Expansion memory, allowing for the addition of new Voices and Styles in the future. Users who register their Genos2 can access the DX7 Pack, which expands the range of preset Voices, including 128 original Voices from DX7.

A growing library of free Voice & Style Expansion packs is also available for Genos2, offering a variety of new Voices, Styles, One Touch Settings, and MultiPads for a more personalised experience.

The keyboard’s Bluetooth connectivity enables users to play along with their favourite songs wirelessly and record using the onboard audio recorder. Additionally, the new USB Audio Interface facilitates studio-quality audio recording with apps like Rec’n’Share or any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) using a single USB cable, ideal for sharing performances or music production.

The Genos2 also simplifies the process of converting MIDI files into Styles. In Easy mode, the conversion is automatic, while Edit mode offers more customisation options, such as selecting specific tracks, regions, and even revoicing and remixing to create a unique Style.

Finally, the introduction of new panel buttons and the Chord Looper function aids in real-time recording and playback of chord sequences, allowing musicians to store and access multiple chord progressions, which can be beneficial for complex compositions or live performances.

Yamaha Genos 2 Specifications

Dimensions1,234 mm × 456 mm × 151 mm (48-9/16″ × 17-15/16″ × 5-15/16″)
Weight14.2 kg (31 lb, 5 oz)
Keyboard76 keys, Organ (FSX), Initial Touch/Aftertouch
ControllersJoystick, 6x Knobs (Assignable, with LED gauge), 9x Sliders 9 (Assignable, with LED gauge), Cross Fader
Main DisplayTFT Color Wide VGA LCD, 800 × 480 dots 9 inch touchscreen
Sub DisplayVA LCD (LIVE CONTROL View), 512 × 48 dots
Tone GeneratorAWM Stereo Sampling, AEM technology, FM
(128 for Preset AWM Voices + 128 for Expansion AWM Voices + 128 for FM Voices)
Voices1,991 Voices + 75 Drum/SFX Kits
106 S.Articulation2, 437 S.Articulation, 141 FM, 123 MegaVoice, 25 OrganFlutes, 11 Ambient Drums/SFX, 11 Revo Drums/SFX, 95 Ensemble Voices
CompatibilityXG, GM, GM2 (for Song playback)
Keyboard PartsRight 1, Right 2, Right 3, Left
Styles800 – 720 Pro, 69 Session, 11 Free Play

Yamaha Genos 2 Connectivity

Yamaha Genos 2 Price

The retail price of the Yamaha Genos 2 is $6,599,00 in the US, however this is currently reduced to $5,699,00 if purchased directly through the Yamaha official website. In the UK, the keyboard appears to be retailing for around £5,220 although similar reductions are available from various retailers.

Yamaha Genos 2 Images

Yamaha Genos 2 Brochure

Yamaha Genos 2 Manual Downloads

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