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Yamaha Genos 2: DX7 FM Voices Demonstrated (Video / Audio Recordings)

The Genos 2 has a strong focus on the 80s decade of music, especially with the DX7 inspired voices and FM capabilities.

For context, the Yamaha DX7 was a groundbreaking digital synthesizer first introduced in 1983 with its FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis technology. Unlike traditional analog synths that generated sound by manipulating voltage, the DX7 utilised FM synthesis, a method of sound creation based on the complex interplay of multiple waveforms. This approach enabled the DX7 to produce a vast array of sounds, from crisp, bell-like tones to rich, evolving textures. It became a popular choice for many musicians of the era and formed many of the sounds we now associate as ’80s’.

Yamaha DX7 synthesizer

The iconic DX7 presets and a range of new, modern FM voices are integrated into the Styles and One Touch Settings and available to play at the touch of a button, bringing a warm, fresh sound to Genos2.

Yamaha Genos 2 brochure

With the Yamaha Genos 2 dipping its toe into this wonderful musical heritage, here I have painstakingly recorded all of the built-in demonstrations of every single voice from the new Yamaha DX7 FM selection. This will give you plenty of insight into the rich and diverse set of voices provided by the Genos 2 in this category and the songs they might be best suited for. If you spot any voices suitable for particular songs from this fantastic memorable decade of music, let us all know in the comments.

Yamaha Genos 2: DX7 FM Demonstrations


  • Bass4 DX7
  • SynBass1 DX7
  • Bass1 DX7
  • SynBass2 DX7
  • Bass2 DX7


  • Brass3 DX7
  • Brass5 DX7
  • Brass1 DX7
  • Brass7 DX7
  • SynBrass1 DX7
  • Brass8 DX7
  • SynBrass2 DX7
  • Brass2 DX7
  • Brass6 DX7
  • Brass4 DX7


  • Voice1 DX7
  • Voice2 DX7

Electric Organ

  • E.Organ2 DX7
  • E.Organ3 DX7
  • E.Organ5 DX7
  • E.Organ4 DX7
  • E.Organ1 DX7


  • Piano1 DX7
  • Piano3 DX7
  • Piano4 DX7
  • SynPiano DX7
  • Piano2 DX7
  • ToyPiano DX7


  • Descent DX7
  • SynLead4 DX7
  • SynLead5 DX7
  • SynLead1 DX7
  • SynLead3 DX7
  • WaterGdn DX7
  • SynLead2 DX7

Electric Piano

  • Clav2 DX7
  • E.Piano1 DX7
  • E.Piano4 DX7
  • Clav1 DX7
  • SynClav3 DX7
  • SynClav1 DX7
  • E.Piano3 DX7
  • SynClav2 DX7
  • E.Piano2 DX7


  • PizzStrings DX7
  • Strings2 DX7
  • Strings3 DX7
  • Strings1 DX7

Acoustic Guitar

  • Guitar2 DX7
  • Guitar3 DX7
  • Guitar4 DX7
  • Guitar1 DX7


  • Caliope DX7


  • Harmonica1 DX7


  • Harp1 DX7
  • Harp2 DX7
  • Vibe2 DX7
  • Koto DX7
  • Glockenspiel DX7
  • Vibe1 DX7
  • TubularBells DX7
  • OrchChime DX7
  • Marimba DX7

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