Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I was invited to the Yamaha Club Masterclass 2006 in Sheffield, to see Ryan Edwards host a very useful set of lectures aimed at the beginner on day 1, and the more advanced on day 2. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as it is the first time I have attended anything like this with the Yamaha Club Magazine with such a personal connection, as the group was nicely sized with 25 people, allowing everyone to get more involved with questions and conversation.


For me, the most rewarding aspect was meeting some of the members from my own enthusiast website (Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner) and getting their feedback. Everyone seemed to be getting a very rewarding experience by being part of the community I have set up online, which is just great news. With over 3000 members now registered, the community is becoming vast and is proving to be a superb resource for Yamaha keyboard and digital piano enthusiasts, which is of course was the original idea.

Thanks to Glyn Madden (Editor of the Yamaha Club Magazine) for the invitation and to Ryan for his fantastic presentations, which I am sure for those who attended, learned plenty to go back home and try.

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    Well well well william foxtrot popcornchicken, this is what you get up to Yamaha convention indeed…… I saw you on xbox live :-?

    love and flaps
    the royal pinkness

  • Had a great time at the Masterclass and learned lots. We stayed an extra 3 days and did some walking in Edale hense this comment just coming in now. It was lovely meeting the person behind the website. I would encourage anyone to head for a Masterclass . Val

  • Thanks for your kind comments Valerie, it was lovely to meet you in person.


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