Good news… You can now sign into Xbox Live on your Microsoft Xbox 360 console and receive the auto-update to add a host of features as listed previously. It was delayed a little (around 24hours), however here it is…

I have been reading around on the forums on various sites and many people seem to be more interested in the Forza 2 demo that should be released in the very near future. I for one love the Windows Live Messenger integration aspect and I really hope our PC cousin will continue to have a positive impact on the Xbox 360.

Here is a quick recap of some of the main features:

  • Windows Live Messenger Integration (MSN)
  • More detail in the “achievement unlocked” pop-up
  • Enhanced family settings
  • New Marketplace blade
  • Enhancements to Xbox LIVE Arcade
  • Ability to fast-forward, pause, and rewind video as it’s being downloaded from Marketplace
  • A setting for consoles to finish downloading content, before powering down

It also seems that Halo 2 for the PC has been delayed a couple of weeks as well! I am looking forward to this (lots to look forward to you see!), unlocking achievements on a PC game, how good is that going to be come on! Finally something to entice me to play PC single player games on much harder settings.

Well enjoy the new update and apologies for the slow posting here, I have been working on my new revamp of my Yamaha keyboard enthusiast website the last couple of weeks and it has taken over my life a little at the moment.

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2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Spring Major Update Released!

  • I’m liking the MSN capabilites even if it’s a bit of a pain typing messages out. The Chatpad will be a big help. The downloads stuff is great too. Now I can set my 360 to download the bigger demos and go out for a few hours!

    Cheers MS!


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