There is a new Auto-Update for the Microsoft Xbox 360 Console available now, which does not add anything new feature wise according to Major Nelson:

Major Nelson: There is a mandatory global system update now available for Xbox 360 owners. You’ll get prompted for the update the next time you sign into Xbox Live. No new features or functions this time around.

Official Microsoft Xbox Site: The March 2006 Xbox 360™ update will prepare your Xbox 360 console for future system and title updates. This free update is available to all Xbox Live® members. Your console will be updated the next time you sign in to Xbox Live.

Links: Xbox 360 Autoupdate | March 2006 System Update for Xbox 360

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7 thoughts on “Xbox 360 New Auto-Update

  • I’ve been reading on a lot of other sites that people are really not happy about installing an update that “has no reason” or is not detailed as to why.

    Personally so long as my xbox works i dont mind really, but it would be nice to know exactly what the update is!!

  • I am sure the previous update had many fixes that were not listed, maybe Microsoft do not feel the need to share all the information. They certainly are not the first, or last company to not disclose every detail about an update.

    Maybe they don’t want to disclose the information for security reasons or just simply it might give away what they have planned in the future to rival companies.

    Either way, I just feel it shows Microsoft are constantly working on improving the console and making it as stable as possible, so we should be thankful of that at least. We have to remember the dashboard and the system is far more complex compared to Xbox 1, so fine tuning is really required to get the best performance and stability. I can understand though why people are frustrated that there is no list of what exactly is new.

  • i hope you can be able to tell what movie people are watching later on should be funny finding someone watching something perfectic like barbie or some sad boi or girl watching porn:d

  • I doubt Microsoft will ever allow that feature :)

    Even though Windows Media Center can display on MSN (optional) what music track you are enjoying, it does not show what video.

  • i need a new update for my 360 after buying the game driver parallel lines. This is a load of rubbish. i’v already put an update in but is jumps the game sometimes, and sound goes funny. Now i know why i bought a ps2.

  • This is an Xbox (1) game isn’t it?

    There has not been an update to the backwards compatibility since December, but Ithere could be one in the next couple of months which will hopefully address a few issues.

    That is a guess though, but an update I am sure is on the way at some point.


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