At last, a Multiplayer demo on the Xbox 360, downloadable over Xbox live:

You can now download the demo of “The Outfit‘ from the Xbox Live Marketplace. This demo is available in all Xbox Live regions.

This is a multi-player demo, but it can only be played online with an Xbox Live Gold account. Silver members can download the demo but their gameplay experience will be limited to offline 1-1 split screen. Gold members get the full 8 player destruction experience.

Link: ‘The Outfit’ demo

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9 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Multiplayer Demo ‘The Outfit’

  • \:d/ About time. May I say that its a quick reaction to the demo anyone would think you were tipped off!

  • Well I was going to wait until it had downloaded before making a post, however been waiting an hour and still going strong :-”

    So your email, kindly reminded to post about it :d

  • an hour? jeez what is happening with the m$ servers?:-w

  • I think everyone has caught on about this demo and is now downloading at the same time :-s

  • This demo was “rumored” (pleas see rumored) to release for a couple of days now…on various days. So the tension for the demo was up there.

    I was able to download it in a pretty quick amount of time, maybe 30 mins. But, that was when it first came out (Yes, prior to Major’s announcement :P)

  • So while us poor souls wait for the demo (as I have been downloading it for two hours now and only at 65%), what do you think to the demo? :”>

  • Ouch! after almost three hours to download the demo I was really disappointed… i had a few games, and it was not only a tad laggy, but SO choatic, it was impossible to play. I know it’s supposed to be over the top, loads going on etc, but it really didn’t appeal to me… shame.
    Graphically an xbox1 game too Sad
    Wonder if the single player is any better…

  • I would have to agree, wasn’t really worth 3 hours downloading :((

    Where is that Call of Duty 2 patch :)

  • Wow and not in a good way at least graw is out on friday!8-|


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