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World Cup Table Tennis Review for Apple iPhone / iPod Touch

Table Tennis is a fast paced sport that requires oodles of skill and instant reflexes. World Cup Table Tennis attempts to recreate this setting using only your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch and your game changing finger talent.

World Cup Table Tennis provides a selection of game modes and of course no sports game would be without a ‘career’. Here you will steadily progress through the various opponents represented by countries of the world – you see can you already detect the reason of the ‘World Cup’ element of this title. Steadily, the difficulty increases as you advance – providing plenty of entertainment.

Secondly you can also dive into a tournament setting and just like any tournament, you will need to win every match or risk crashing out with no chance of victory.

Arcade mode

Next is ‘Arcade’, where half of the table is pointing upwards providing a wall-like area to focus on. Targets appear and you will need to hit them to earn points, however if you miss the returning ball three times – the game is over.

Finally you can also play head-to-head, although this is limited to two people using the same device. Each player takes half of the screen with a top-down perspective of the action to control their own table tennis paddle. It’s a pleasing addition, but really it just highlights the obvious missing feature – that of course the lack of true wireless multiplayer features.

Tournament mode

The games 3D setting creates an enjoyable environment and the graphics stand up fairly well among the ensuing sporting spectacle. The music is repetitive and actually best turned off although you can play your own within the game, while the sound effects although basic offer just enough to add to the flavour of the event.

Controlling the action is fairly straightforward, gliding your finger to control the paddle. Aiming is all about the direction of your finger slide and of course timing is very important to achieve the best connection with the ball. Spin can also be applied with the right rotation of the shot, a method that requires a fair bit of skill to fulfil the required result. This can sometimes be applied by accident when your reflexes are a little sluggish, which can throw both your opponent and even yourself off guard.

Paddle selection

A further eight Table Tennis paddles can be unlocked, all with varying power and spin abilities – some more quirky than others.

Game Center achievements and leaderboards are included within the game, adding to the intrigue of progression and desire to succeed.

It isn’t all good news though I am afraid. If someone dares call you while you are in the middle of an important nail biting match, there is no chance of answering the call and returning to your game. All is forgotten upon your return, resulting in much frustration. This is something that desperately needs to be rectified as soon as possible in an update.


Head to Head mode

World Cup Table Tennis is a very competent sports game with life-like physics and a range of enjoyable selections including a career, tournament, arcade and head-to-head modes.

Let down slightly by the lack of a game resume function, World Cup Table Tennis will still provide hours of entertainment as long as you aren’t interrupted mid-game.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Apple iTunes Store Link: World Cup Table Tennis

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