World Cup Germany 2006: England Vs Paraguay

england.jpgIt seems the build up to this years World Cup has been going on forever, mostly due to Wayne Rooney’s injury worries I am sure! Well the day is finally here when England play Paraguay in England’s opening group qualifying game in Germany.

Over the last few days, people have been proudly showing their England flags around the country on their clothing, cars and even houses. Football fever is here, so expect cries of happiness and weeping of sorrow as yet again England put us through it. Although we haven’t won since 1966, we always have a big drama, good or bad.

I am putting on my England flags on the rear windows of my car where they attach and also a nodding dog complete with England shirt for the back window…. Oh and I am wearing red and white clothing as well.

Good luck to the England team this afternoon, maybe this year could be ours! How are you supporting England this year?

If football is not your thing though, maybe my friend Tammie has the answer to your woes.

[UPDATE: 1-0 win for England which is great, however was a bit hard going in the second half!]

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6 thoughts on “World Cup Germany 2006: England Vs Paraguay

  • Well next big footballing event Tammie, I know not to send you a link to the post I made :d

  • Sorry James your not gonna like this but after reading the comments on Tammies blog i agree with some of her views and her fans views too……I am a football fan and support Manchester United, I will be supporting England through the World Cup that goes without saying but seeing all these England merchandise and people hanging up there England flags only at big competitions annoys me…….We are only patriotic when it suits……that being said without the aid of alcohol i might add….. COME ON ENGLAND!!

  • wow i have “fans” lol – do I now have to get a t-shirt ;-)


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