Volunteer to write for Pixel Refresh

Pixel Refresh specialises in gaming, gadgets and technology and we are always looking for new volunteers to write unique and engaging content for our website.

This is intended to be an enjoyable hobby experience, where we can all come together to share our love for gaming, gadgets, and technology. It is not meant to feel like work, but rather a platform to connect with like-minded readers and create intriguing discussions.

Benefits of volunteering as a writer for Pixel Refresh

  • Enjoy a fun and creative process
  • Reach an audience of passionate enthusiasts
  • Contribute to a collection of over 1000 articles
  • No deadlines, flexible submission times
  • Author bio and social media links below your content
  • ‘Buy me a coffee’ link directly to your Ko-fi account allowing readers to financially reward your efforts
  • Collaborate with James Woodcock, the creator and independent owner of Pixel Refresh

Looking for…

  • Unique content
  • Articles and reviews
  • Passion in the topics you cover
  • Cover gaming, gadgets or technology
  • Coverage of both modern and retro topics
  • Previous writing content experience

NOT looking for…

  • News items
  • Sponsored posts
  • Linking to other websites solely for backlinking purposes
  • Duplicating already published articles to Pixel Refresh
  • AI generated content

Please fill out the form below to apply