Before the great Top Spin and Top Spin 2, there was only one tennis game that everyone adored and that of course was Virtua Tennis on the SEGA Dreamcast. With Top Spin 2 released recently, it is interesting to hear that Virtua Tennis 3 is coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3:

Sega has announced Virtua Tennis 3 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game, ported from the Arcade version of the same name, is tenatively slated to ship in Spring 2007. Given the graphical leap expected by next-generation hardware, the realistic character models in the Virtua Tennis series should see a serious upgrade.


Are you more into mini-games? The next-gen installment of Virtua Tennis will include updated versions of the classic skill improving challenges as well as some new mini-games. Additionally, the create-a-player mode will receive a new coat of next-gen polish.

Virtua Tennis was always in an arcade style of the sport, however it should be great fun and great news for tennis fans including myself.

Link: Virtua Tennis Comes to Next Gen

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9 thoughts on “Virtua Tennis 3 Coming to Xbox 360 and PS3

  • ohhhhhhhhh thats good news all we need now is pro evo 6 or a good fifa game! \:d/

  • Well the latest FIFA game for Xbox 360 has been getting some better reviews than the very average FIFA Road to World Cup before it so hopefully it will be an improvement.

    I knew as I posted the Virtua Tennis 3 announcement, you would be interested :d

  • will be interesting to see who wins top spin or virtua my money is on sega’s effort to be honest ;)

  • Ahhh I know you so well :-?

    Well I believe they are very different ways of looking at tennis games, I think both have merits and both can be worthy of purchase.

  • virtua tennis, looks graphically better, well another tennis game for me to own you at glide

    what was the score


  • Yeah thats right Urie… recap of the score:

    6-2 6-1 6-0 …… oh but you seem to forget it was me who beat you :)

  • i could of sworn i beat you, it must of being a dream then:-?

  • Well, if Top Spin 2 is anything to go buy, I’ll be picking up Virtua Tennis!

    Tennis games are just brilliant on consoles :)

    Who knows, on Virtua Tennis I might even win a match against James! \:d/


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