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Uno Taking Over the World on Xbox 360 Arcade

Uno.jpgThose Fragdolls from the United Kingdom certainly have taste! No I am not talking about the usual First Person Shooters, racing games or other usual genres we tend to associate with online gaming. I am actually talking about the phenomenon that is taking over Xbox Live Arcade at the moment. Welcome to Uno as Fragdoll Kitt explains…

Ahh the oft heard call on Xbox Live these days. Every voice message is like a warped football chant as half my friends list holler “UUUNOOOOOO!” into their headset. It’s the strangest obsession. A bunch of FPS loving, car smashing, war mongering gamers all totally hooked on a good old fashioned card game. Sitting up into the wee small hours with a wee glass of cocoa or whatever your tipple is and telling yarns with your friends over a pack of cards. There’s nothing like it. I

You just can’t tire of those crazy streamers. If you haven’t already you must download UNO through Xbox 360 Arcade now. If you have, just remember to take the odd break. I’ve been shouting UNO! in my sleep.

Luckily I haven’t been shouting Uno in my sleep yet, although the term reminds me of those Lemmings going ‘Oh No’, but hey that’s a different story and further signs of my madness perhaps. So what are you waiting for? Download from the Xbox Live Arcade and play Uno online with your Xbox 360 friends and have the time of your life in the process. Certainly the best 400 points you can spend currently on the Arcade!


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One thought on “Uno Taking Over the World on Xbox 360 Arcade

  • uno is a wondefull (with two L’s) game to play with my #1


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