uefa.jpgThe Xbox 360 has already had its fair share of football titles from Electronic Arts, but here is yet another that has appeared.

Now to be honest I was rather dissapointed with yet another footy title release by EA. We already have World Cup, European (every 2 years) and FIFA (every year), which is more than adequate and now we have UEFA added to that, however the game is actually very good.

For anyone who has already read my FIFA 07 review, will have noticed I mention this in particular:

The main drawback with this latest FIFA is that the game feels unfinished. Yes the new ball physics are impressive and finally we can show those Pro Evolution fans that we have something quite realistic as well. The problem though shows itself when you notice little peculiarities that can frustrate and destroy your plans for scoring a well earned goal.

Don’t get me wrong, the latest FIFA is full of happy surprises that really have lifted the title out of the mist and into the football gamers view all over again, but the lack of total polish in the way the players interact spoils the other areas where this improvement has been made.

So the gameplay was lacking refinement with the new physics engine, but hey they have obviously taken note of what the fans of the FIFA series were complaining about and created a much more fluid football experience for the Xbox 360. I have yet to play with the new cards system, but so far the gameplay of the actual football (and that really is the important thing isn’t it) is much better than FIFA 07.

My only concern now is that like World Cup and European titles, the content will be lacking unlike FIFA 07, which is packed with Season play etc. We will have to see, but I am pleasantly surprised by the advancement and look forward to playing this game a lot more.

Expect my full review on MSXbox-World in the near future.

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