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Transmit iPod Audio with… Your Body

Sci-fi films, where the horror of implants to identify you as you walk along the street, or other such bizarre technologies feature, can make you cringe at what the distant future might have in store.  However a Korean company maybe has stumbled upon, what was before considered a poke of fun at the future in movies, now into a working prototype today:

A chip conference in San Francisco on Thursday had a presentation by the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology titled “Silicon in Biology,” and such under-the-skin chips were on display and in the talk waves. The prototype sits just under the skin of the forearm and uses the body’s own propensity to create electricity to power the transmission sequences from the portable music player.

KAIST officials say that their solution can alleviate personal-area network concerns by taking them inside the body, thereby reducing power consumption. The chip, KAIST claims, has signals that are wideband but lower-impulse than their currrent counterparts, which do the exact opposite. According to Seong-Jun Song, a KAIST professor, the chips achieve data rates of up to 2 megabits a second but uses up less than 10 microwatts of power.

KAIST officials stressed that the chip was merely a prototype and that achieving a reality based on that prototype was not possible overnight. However, their suggestions did raise a few eyebrows.

Link: Chip prototype gets under the skin

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3 thoughts on “Transmit iPod Audio with… Your Body

  • Well I thought it was really odd when it was announced you could transmit data through your home power points, one to another, to create a network through existing power cables in your own home.

    This is just…. well….. eeeek.

  • I’ve always thought there is a kind of charm of owning and operating an electronic gadget (even if it’s as “only” an mp3 player)… so besides the fact that the skin is a icky border to pass, I love gadgets, and hope they just don’t fade away into our thought-operated numb living multimedia beings that we might turn in to…


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