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Transformers – Anoraks in Disguise?

transformers.jpgYes I admit it, I love The Transformers. When I was younger I had a few, but a couple of years ago I had a look on eBay and purchased the re-released Autobot leader Optimus Prime boxed for just £18. That was supposed to be the end of my Transformer nostalgia, but then I found Jazz, Starscream and Hot Rod, so what is a man to do?

The very first series of The Transformers and indeed the movie still stand up very well today, although the series that then followed just went from bad to worse as the money making engine came into effect. It is reliving my childhood somewhat, but hey it has made a nice little display. I really hope the currently being created film based on the series lives up to everyone’s expectations unlike that horrid Thunderbirds film.

When I look back there are quite a few classic cartoons, such as the ThunderCats, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors and Dungeons and Dragons to name but a few. So what do you have to remind you of cartoons from the 80’s?

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4 thoughts on “Transformers – Anoraks in Disguise?

  • Transformers was class. I bought the box set recently and am looking forward (fingers crossed) for the 2007 Live Action/CGI film

  • transformers was class i always liked the desptocoms more than the autobots, seemed like another instance were the bad guys have the better uniform.

  • Transformers were cool! brings back memories of childhood


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