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The Yamaha Club Probe Genos Backwards Compatibility with Tyros Series

In the October – November 2017 issue of the Yamaha Club Magazine, Glyn Madden has interviewed Ian House – known for his various live demonstrations of the latest Tyros keyboard models. In this interview, Ian House reveals a very important answer that will help many Yamaha Tyros owners – and that is of course backwards compatibility.

The Yamaha Genos name of course breaks away from the more familiar ‘Tyros’ line of keyboards, so it would therefore be simple to assume all hope is lost if you were hoping to use any of our previous styles, registrations and so on. Thankfully this is not the case as Ian House reveals…

Yamaha Genos in the Yamaha Club Magazine

Now THAT’S an interesting question – and I have a very good answer: Genos is compatible with Tyros! To be a bit more specific, Registration Memories, Multi Pads, Songs from Tyros2 or newer… they’ll all load in and work with Genos! Actually, it was remarkable, I loaded in my Tyros5 Registrations a few weeks ago and I’ve never heard them sound so good!
Ian House – Yamaha Club Magazine Oct-Nov 2017

You can find out more by subscribing to the Yamaha Club Magazine, which features the full interview and far more details regarding the new flagship keyboard, the Yamaha Genos.

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