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The Sony PlayStation 3 Embarrassment Video

I think most of us were left a little empty after watching the PS3 presentation at this years E3, however this video seems to have captured that feeling perfectly with some very clever editing.

Well yes it is a bit fanboy’ish, but all good fun anyway… Thanks to Ade’s new blog from MSXbox World for this information.

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17 thoughts on “The Sony PlayStation 3 Embarrassment Video

  • Rather biased video but it doesn’t look good. I still think I am going to like more of the games on this console than the xbox, but I am unconvinced until see full line up and the system at work. I still think the nintendo’s offering is going to bomb and is all about the gimmick though. Then again, gimmicks seems the business plan for game consoles currently. They will be giving away free lollipops and trading cards with every console soon.

  • the video maybe narrow minded, but the statement “XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii” OR a “PS/3″… is a pretty strong arguement

  • Sounds like the MS fanboys are seriously worried, and getting very desperate spreading propoganda like this..

  • I actually think the Nintendo Wii will do very well, but it is hard to consider it a serious gaming console, however the Xbox 360 fills that gap nicely.

    As for by MS fanboys, remember I didn’t make it, I just thought it was entertaining to watch, but there are some very valid points made in the video which are worth noting. I don’t think Microsoft or Nintendo have that much to worry about. I am sure the PS3 will do very well, but the price tag, lack of a good launch line up and other little mistakes are making the PS3 a difficult choice to convince people to buy it initially. Anyone who was holding out to get a PS3 and not getting an Xbox 360 because of they were indeed waiting, may have now changed their mind thanks to that lack lustre showing at E3 by Sony.

  • don’t forget none of us actually made the video i just simply found it on You Tube and posted it accordingly :-)

    As fanboy ish well i guess yes but it does also point out some glaring faults with what Sony claimed and what was then presented surely?

  • That was funny as hell, very clever. Especially the bit about real life battles from history, “and here’s the giant crab!”

  • This vid is brilliant. I didn’t make it honest!
    PS3 looks pants, so buy an XBox 360. Its just as pants but you’ll waste less money.
    The idea to buy a 360 and wii instead of ps3 is stupid. Just buy 2 wii’s instead of a 360! One for the lounge, one for the bedroom.

  • That was rather humourous, especially watching the bloke absolutely failing to use the tilt control to any effect.

  • That is awesome Grey, made me laugh a lot

  • Its Ridge Racer:d:d:d:dROFL

  • [Comment ID #1804 Will Be Quoted Here]

    but surly all those confrences are propoganda to start with, espically with the amountof flat out lies people come out with in them

  • just have to add this i found this bit funny, a guys describing a game and says its about actuall battles that took place then he goes so heres this giant crab

  • [Comment ID #1947 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think it is not really propaganda, more marketing spin. One thing the internet is useful for, is exposing corporations who continue to say one thing and do something different, or simply the claim isn’t met on release.

  • Its funny that last E3 they did so good with the Cg traliers and when it came down to game play they fell right on there face thats Sony for you the order of importance is

    1) Marketing


    3) Hardware


    5) Software tools to make makeing games easier

  • ITS RIDGE RACER! hahahaha! love it. new playstation, new ridge racer. money for old rope me thinks. gunna get a wii because we all know how addictive the games are, and with the added bonus of swinging my arms around the living room looking like a loon just to make mario jump sounds like fun to me! plus its gunna be embarassing asking your mates round to have a go on your wii!

  • Hey it might become an acceptable word in conversation if it is used enough :)


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