The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II

lotdbfme2.jpgWhat seems like many years ago, I was a massive fan of PC gaming, however after countless costs in particular with new graphics cards, I decided that console gaming was far more appealing and cost effective especially when Xbox Live appeared.

Recently though I had a look at The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II for the PC format and let me just say that my enthusiasm for PC gaming has returned! I loved games in this genre especially the Command and Conquer series and not to mention my all time personal favourite, the original Total Annihilation.

The Lord of the Rings films of course have been a tremendous success and for very good reason. They are superb movies, even if the DVD separation of extended editions did aggravate me. The game is just captivating me at the moment with its fantastic atmosphere and gameplay. One thing though that is intriguing me is the soon to be released Xbox 360 version that of course won’t have the same advantages you get with a mouse. This could make or break the Xbox 360 version in how they attempt to create that same feel of control and interaction with just a control pad.

The game at its heart though has amazing potential for the Xbox 360 and I look forward to this title for both its single player and multiplayer experience.

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6 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II

  • Loving every minute of this PC game… oozes class from every direction….and i still have to beat you down on this

  • Oh you what Skil =;

    Actually the amount of hours you have been playing the game, it wouldn’t surprise me if you did :)

  • /me takes the ring and scurries off

  • they have to have mouse and keyboard support for this game the 360 gamepad isnt magic

  • I doubt that will ever happen to be honest, and rightly so also in my opinion, however it certainly is a challenge for the developers with this title.

  • well i hope they have a good control scheme because if it does work well then its the fondation for more games of the same nature to come on to the 360.


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