Although I have never officially announced my work as part of the ScummVM Music Enhancement Project for classic point and click adventure game The Gene Machine, I have already finished the soundtrack… Just one problem, before I release it in full, I need permission. I have always sought permission to release my enhanced soundtracks, however tracking down those who have the rights to allow me to do just that has proven… well… problematic!

To whet your whistle however, I have decided to release a single track as a preview in the hope that one day, the powers that be will contact either myself or the ScummVM team allowing this to happen.

Until then, enjoy this little taster as we all keep our fingers crossed.

Image credit: Moby Games

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One thought on “The Gene Machine – My Enhanced Soundtrack I Wish Could Be Released… [Track Preview]

  • Keep coming back here hoping the situation has changed, but doesn’t look like it’s going to. It’s flagged as abandonware and available for download on for ‘free’ on If anyone was interested in protecting their copyright they’d probably do something about that.
    Shame, because I really like your music and don’t really want to even try playing this game without it after having heard just this sample.


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