I am sure many of my regular visitors will have figured out by now that I am quite the rail enthusiast – especially when it comes down to rail simulation. Thanks to in particular RailWorks, who I have had the chance to interview the team involved on a few occasions in the past.

For those who have yet to enjoy the particular wonders of rail simulation or are not sure whether it was a pursuit suitable for their tastes, well now there is no excuse. Try this stand alone package that is absolutely free featuring the world renowned steam locomotive – ‘The Flying Scotsman‘. For those of us in the UK at this particular time, a suitably familiar scene of a landscape full of snow is also featured. Thankfully the frightfully cold conditions are only a simulation and can be played in the comfort of your own home in front of the computer where hopefully your central heating is set to tropical paradise.

Made available courtesy of the The National Railway Museum, this free package is a 600MB download and requires a PC running Windows 7, Vista or XP. I hope you enjoy this taste of train simulation as I have become quite hooked to RailWorks 2!

Download it now and guide the iconic loco through a fabulous wintry landscape, following the signals and speed limits just like a real train driver as you drop off and pick up passengers. It’s a unique opportunity to see, hear and drive Flying Scotsman ahead of her return to the National Railway Museum in 2011.

Link: A Christmas gift – The Flying Scotsman

James Woodcock

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