The Critiques Truth – A Story of Balance, Power and Understanding

NewspaperWe live in a connected world where information is exchanged at a frantic pace. Everyone has an opinion and now for maybe the first time in history, there is a method to reach the world with your own thoughts, aspirations and trepidations. This power comes at a price though. The collective will of the majority can destroy or promote an item of interest by just a few pixels on the screen.

I am a freelance journalist. A job in which I review, test and experience items of all kinds, but sometimes we all need to take a deep breath and try to understand the impact our testimonials can really have on the creators, whose imaginations can be limited by the sheer risk of us mortals misunderstanding the original and more risky ventures.

As a reviewer we search for purity, longevity and a glimpse of our own dreams. The essence of realism without forgetting the fantastic, the determination without venturing into the dull and the legacy of history impacting on future generations. This may all sound extremely heavy, however we all must understand, even as reviewers, critiques and bloggers, how our words can affect the greater good.

We should never hold back on our disappointments, but we must be careful not to alienate the positive strides that may also occur. Nostalgia is a blunt instrument of trust, which can so easily misrepresent the truth. Childhood can deliver such powerful feelings in us all and when something comes along a decade later, our faith can be so tender and shatter in an instant.

As writers, we are the creators of the written document, but we must remember that we exist in appreciation and respect due to the commitments, boldness and intelligence of the original creators of our desires. The designers, the artists, the authors, the programmers and even the promotional teams.

This is a story, a simple story of looking past the scores, the conclusions and personal opinions as is always often the case, as it is ‘you’ who are the determining factor. You may agree with the majority, but can you always be so sure and risk missing out on one of the greatest moments in life?

It is so easy to slip into the negative, however harder to reach down and pluck up the courage and search deeper for the positives, especially where others may have not. Nature is all about a balance, should we be any different? We all have a role and we must respect that. The scales of fairness must always be level, yet still adjustable with reasoning.

So the moral of this story. Read our reviews, learn from our experiences, but never take it as the gospel truth. Compare, trial and experiment yourself and learn the one real truth, that there is no one opinion in this world.

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