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The 7th Guest Soundtrack Version 1.0 Released – ScummVM Music Enhancement Project [VIDEO]

Today I have released version 1.0 of The 7th Guest soundtrack as part of my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project.

A big thank you for the countless emails and tweets I have had about this particular release and of course to the ScummVM team for implementing the external audio files I have created – allowing my enhancements to be released for your enjoyment.


To install, extract the music from the zip file and copy it to your ‘The 7th Guest’ folder on your hard drive. Make sure you have version 1.5.0 of the ScummVM software or later. For best quality (although not mandatory), start the ScummVM program and select The 7th Guest. Now select [Edit Game], switch to Audio tab, tick the ‘Overide Global Audio Settings’ and set Sample Rate to 44kHz.

You will also need to extract the first track off The 7th Guest’s game CD, which is the introduction music. You can choose any format that ScummVM is compatible with such as ogg, mp3 and so on. Name this track intro.*** (*** should be the file extension of your chosen audio compression codec, for example intro.mp3).

If you previously extracted the Audio CD music before adding my music enhancement tracks, make sure you don’t have any stray files by removing track1.*** and track2.*** – otherwise this might stop the updated soundtrack playing correctly.

Download the soundtrack below:

The Fat Man Original Music

Don’t forget you can purchase the original soundtrack, composed by ‘The Fat Man’.

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11 thoughts on “The 7th Guest Soundtrack Version 1.0 Released – ScummVM Music Enhancement Project [VIDEO]

  • Great work James, one question though, why to you include an empty track01.ogg in the zip file ? I already extracted track1 and track2 from the CD, will this stop something working ?

    • The blank file is intentional to trick the ScummVM
      Software as otherwise the iOS version of the 7th guest would have problems.

      • Ok understood, however i’m running windows and before I copied your files, the intro music worked (the cd audio played during the 3d logo etc.) and I only have track1.ogg and track2.ogg in the folder, after copying your files (including the empty track01.ogg) and copying track1.ogg to intro.ogg the intro music doesnt work anymore, any clues ?

        • You’ll need to remove the track1.ogg file as well unfortunately (this is due to the current method of tricking ScummVM to using external music rather than the game datafiles – admittedly it would be nice to change this when possible).

          I suspect ScummVM is failing on the empty track01 and then finding/playing your track1 (but with 0 volume due to a quirk in the game scripts and the external music file loader) rather than falling back to intro.ogg.

          • Thanks Scott, and indeed that works (gives an error about the empty file and then skips to the intro.ogg
            @glidem:disqus, maybe you should include this info in your post / readme file so its clear to people to rename track1.ogg into intro.ogg if they already extracted the 2 audio tracks.

          • This information is already available within this post, although to be clearer I will make an edit.

  • Hi, i’ve heard a bug in GU58.ogg and GU9.ogg which i’ve run into with the original midi files and some players. The oboe? or whatever that sustains and then slides in the intro falls short of the note/octave its meant to reach. Compare it with a clip from the cd audio to hear what i mean:
    Other than that, this is a pretty nice rendition, thanks!

    • Thanks for the information, I will sort out those two tracks in the next release.

  • Just curious. I’m in talks with George Sanger to possibly release all the game music that wasn’t in the 7/11 release. Started by asking about the infamous 11th Hour train puzzle, then found there were a lot of bits in the 7th Guest that were never converted.

    My main query… is there a way to get the midi files from the 11th Hour? I wanted to pull the missing ones and send them over to him so he could process them with Roland SC 55. Looked through the game files and it appears they must be packed somehow.

    • Hi

      I believe I grabbed them online from a game MIDI site. There are MIDI game extraction tools around that can do the job too from the original game data, however in both circumstances I have found the tempo to be off – so just keep that in mind :(

      Good luck with your endeavour and let me know how you get on!


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