I am pleased to announce that Trilobyte Games have granted permission for me to release enhanced music for The 7th Guest on my website when completed as part of my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project for use within the ScummVM software.

The 7th Guest was one of the first computer video games to be released on CD-ROM back in 1993, incorporating ghostly horror and challenging puzzles galore.

Trilobyte Games appreciated James’ gear and skills in bringing the game MIDI into the modern world. ScummVM users and 7th Guest enthusiasts will love these files as much as we do!
Rob Landeros – Trilobyte Games

A lot of the point and click adventure games from the past used the MIDI format when presenting the game music and this is also the case within ‘The 7th Guest’. Although this worked well at the time of release, by modern standards plus the problem of users utilising different MIDI hardware, this can more often than not result in average performance for the music reproduction. Using pure digital recording methods and Yamaha keyboard workstations, it is my personal aim to increase the quality of the music for ‘The 7th Guest’, however still remaining true to the originals.

Using ScummVM, we will all be able to enjoy the game music all over again – allowing everyone to experience the same level of music quality that isn’t dependent on MIDI hardware capabilities of the computer or portable device.

A few samples are already available on my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project page.

As always, for more information keep an eye on my website regarding my ‘ScummVM Music Enhancement Project‘ and follow me on Twitter account @jameswoodcock, Google+ and Facebook.

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6 thoughts on “The 7th Guest Added to ScummVM Music Enhancement Project – Permission Granted

  • I’m so pumped for this. I’m such a fan of The 7th Guest and it’s soundtrack. I managed to pick up the original 7/11 soundtrack years ago and as a kid I played the 2nd game disc with the long audio track all the time.

    • Glad you are looking forward to it :)

      They won’t be exactly the same as the wonderful compositions you will have originally heard off the CD, however the bonus is you’ll be able to replace the standard MIDI with the full external audio tracks playable within the actual game using ScummVM.

      • Any status updates? :)

        • Nearing completion, however Touche will likely be the next release and then The 7th Guest after…

  • That’s a real nice job so far, James–and thanks for the kind words about the original music! 

    Your readers might want to know that they can hear (free) and download (paid) about an hour of the original 7th Guest/11th Hour music here:  http://fatman.com

    A tip:  When translating the MIDI files, set your pitch bend range to 12 instead of 1.  There’s a 1-octave slide up that happens several times (for instance in your first example) that, when set incorrectly, plays as a 1-step slide up–Not As Musical!  But several versions of the game shipped with that same glitch, so no worries!  :)

    • Thanks for the information.  I wasn’t sure if it was intentional to make it more creepy :)  I will make the alterations.

      When the announcement goes out that my ScummVM compatible version is available for free download, I will of course be more than happy to mention your great work to listen and download the original creator’s vision.

      Hope this is acceptable?

      Thanks again for the input and of course your original music :) 


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