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Supertooth Visor Voice Bluetooth Handsfree Kit Impressions

supertooth.jpgBluetooth has been around for quite a long time now and amusingly enough for me, I remember working at a small company, assembling by hand, printed circuit boards and the chips, diodes, transistors and capacitors, when one day Bluetooth was introduced to me. Even back then, it had great possibilities and now many devices take advantage of the freedom it can provide.

The Supertooth Visor Voice I acquired recently so I could finally ditch my handsfree bluetooth headset that you just plop into your ear when required, but this quite frankly looks silly as your head constantly flashes blue! I am not a lighthouse, I am not trying to catch anyones attention! I stumbled upon the Supertooth Visor Voice and instantly felt the urge to treat myself (well it is nearly Christmas after all!).

The kit comes with a handy clip that you attach to your sun visor. The device itself then attaches to this clip with a convenient pair of strong magnets, allowing for quick removal as well without any fuss. There are two versions, but I decided to pay a little more and get the text to speech device. This has the advantage of actually telling you who is calling without the need for an LCD display (would use more battery power) and will also enable you to accept the call by simply speaking to your visor. There are quite a few keywords you can use to accept a call, but all seem to be recognised quite easily.

Making a call is just as much fun, especially if your phone supports dialing by voice commands (which luckily mine does). I have the Motorola V3i, which connects flawlessly.


My only gripe was the setting up process. Supertooth Visor Voice has the ability to cancel out a lot of the background noise and echo that can occur in an environment like a car. With the microphone being so very close to the speaker (which can be set very loud!), echo and feedback will emanate from the device. The solution was to grin and bear it during a call for a few minutes so the Supertooth Visor Voice could adapt and eventually it did.

I am really impressed with Bluetooth and the Supertooth Visor Voice and would recommend to anyone who is worried about using their mobile phone in the car (remember you can get a fine in the UK now if caught, not to mention the safety aspect!) can enjoy true handsfree receiving of calls while driving without looking like a Christmas tree landed in your ear.

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