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Superman Returns Xbox 360 First Impressions

superman.jpgOur favourite caped crusader (well if you neglect to mention Darkwing Duck anyway!, come on ‘lets get dangerous’) has hit the Microsoft Xbox 360 with a bang. A bang that will send ripples of tension through your very soul as you place the DVD into the 360 tray and wait for that all important start of the game… but it goes all wrong!

Why oh why is it with a movie license that ninety nine times out of one hundred, you will be left feeling completely and utterly underwhelmed? Well expect more of the same alas. I wasn’t impressed with the demo, but you do have to take those with an extremely large pinch of salt remembering of course to chuck it over your right shoulder. The full game doesn’t feel quite as bad, but the fighting feels so hollow.

The massive city is a nice aspect, but the size is completely lost as this supposed super powered man from across the galaxy has as much personality and strength as an amoeba. Yes he can bolt around the city like there is no tomorrow, but the scale of the whole game feels so very wrong.

It is still early days for Superman Returns, but some days I really wish he wouldn’t… Return that is.

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One thought on “Superman Returns Xbox 360 First Impressions

  • And it’s going to be another year before something better comes along ~:>

    What I like about it is the game layout, compared to the “narrow” layout the new Marvel Aliance game has, for instance. Which might essentially be a better game, it’s not what some people look for in a super hero game. This free-to-roam-world must be hard to fill with content and decent enemies and still have a bond with the “friendlies” (people & Lios & …)… which is where this game fails. That and some of the graphics make it look like it’s as old as superman.

    If you’re a superman fan, it’s the best you can find.


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