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Street Fighter on Xbox Live Arcade Hands On

streetfighter.jpgTo say people have been excited about this titles release would be an understatement to say the least, however myself and Mike from Brit Xbox have just been enjoying early code of Street Fighter Hyper Fighting. I think we were both pleased to return from this online experience with a 3-3 draw, but both of us wanted to get back to our own blogs to write a bit about the game before we have a decider! That or we were just happy that there was no clear winner. Bragging rights will have to wait for another time I guess…

The first thing you will notice is no widescreen support, which is quite bad, however you do have the option to stretch the image both vertically and horizontally, as long as you don’t mind having the game out of its normal aspect ratio. You will also notice it looks ‘exactly’ like the original and I am sure for purists this is great news, although some sort of optional graphics filter would have been a good idea, especially for those of us with High Definition Televisions where the pixel blocks stare at you in stunning… well blockyness.

It is incredibly hard, although to be honest I was never great at 2D fighting games. Controls are quite easy and there are helpful guides to let you know some of the more important moves you can use, even if they are a bit long winded to find each time.

All in all it is looking to be a very good release and fans of the game will adore the new online features, leader boards and indeed achievements. It is not an amazing release by any standard from what I can tell as very little effort has gone into improving the graphical side, but still worth a go seeing as you can try a demo before purchasing!

Link: Mike’s BXB DNA Blog – How-Doo-Ken!

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2 thoughts on “Street Fighter on Xbox Live Arcade Hands On

  • I love fighting games and it all started with Street Fighter 2, I shall be downloading it ASAP. I do agree, shame there is no ‘support’ for HD etc but, guess we’ll manage


  • I’ve played the demo and yes I am a bity late, but boy oh boy this is one sweet game! The graphics and the sounds are classic.

    Making this game HD Quality is like taking ALL black and white movies and making them in color. That just AIN’T right no matter how wonderful it may sound. If you want a somewhat HD version, try the SFA series or SF3S. I’m going to buy it as soon as an EB store opens today! (New XBox360 owner as of 3/24/2007.)


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