Star Trek Voyager Elite Force – First Person Shooter for PC Nostalgia [VIDEO]

Released in 2000 on the PC and Mac OS, Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force developed by Raven Software and published by Activision earned a rare achievement for any title that is based on a television series. There have been many Star Trek themed games, all with varying levels of excellence or disappointment – yet it was a title based on at the time the most recent incarnation of the Gene Roddenberry universe that endures as a true first person shooter classic.

You take control of Hazard Team member Ensign Alex Munro as he and his companions venture on away missions into the depths of various space ships, full of dangerous and strange alien creatures including the famous ‘resistance is futile’ foes – the Borg.

On the USS Voyager, you are joined by memorable characters including Captain Kathryn Janeway, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok and many more besides – with the actual cast reprising their television series roles with their vocal talents. Much to many gamer’s dismay, Seven of Nine was not portrayed by Jeri Ryan, however a patch was later released that included her vocal work to be used within the game. Phew!

It was a very commendable first person shooter that even featured an addictive multiplayer component using the well known Holodeck. It may be ageing gracefully and now you can’t help but chuckle at the sometimes bizarre pointy representations of some of the characters, however the introduction music that replaces the traditional theme is probably, dare I say better, than the actual television series version.

Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force featured many of the elements that made the television show so appealing and even the most sceptical should get a buzz from the experience. So grab a phazer and be amazed at one of the better Star Trek games to ever be released on the PC platform.

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