ypko.jpgSPAM is really getting me down lately. How many porn links can I be bothered to delete in my email inbox! I seem to spend most of my time deleting SPAM nowadays and even with SPAM filters, the little blighters still get through from time to time with some obscure message or nonsensical link that when clicked opens a barrage of popups and saucy imagery.

For the last few weeks, my Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner website has been heavily affected, mostly with email addresses from gawab.com. There have been two types of SPAM that have caused a few problems. The first is posting a message on the forum to porn links etc. The second and this has been the most troublesome, sending messages via the private messaging system to quite a few members again with dodgy porn links.

I have had to make quite a few changes to the discussion forum to help with this problem, but thankfully I have heard from the boffins at SMF (Simple Machines Forum) that there are some new features that will help stop those dastardly bots from even registering never mind having a chance to post rubbish.

I would like to thank the members of Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner for their patience and understanding over this issue.

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2 thoughts on “SPAM – What A Pain!

  • James, aren’t you a Charter Member or doesn’t your SMF Friend status give you access to the CM early downloads? If so, I would recommend you upgrade to RC3 because we have implemented CAPTCHA which seems to be helping SPAM issues. Well the automated ones at least.

  • SMF Friend status doesn’t give me access, however I will wait for the public build before installing anyway :)

    CAPTCHA is what I am looking forward to… Hopefully it will assist me in proventing the SPAM problems.


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