Sony PlayStation (1) – Reliving Golden Age

playstation1.jpgWhen 3D gaming was beginning to be a serious new direction in presenting environments, one game heralded the new era like no other. It wasn’t by no means the first, but it opened up minds and brought in new ideas that we still use to this day.

This is just one of many golden ages (if there is such a thing) when gaming progressed to a whole new level (no pun intended). The game in question is of course Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is right up there with the likes of Sonic, Solid Snake and Master Chief as really memorable characters and the adventure aspect of exploring tombs allowed for exploration and torment. The torment part a factor as you fall off perilously large cliffs to your death and being tossed around by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Strictly speaking I never owned a PlayStation console as I was firmly behind the SEGA Saturn and the Dreamcast, but I am at that point where I am missing some of those classic gaming moments. So I did what was before the unthinkable and purchased a second hand Sony PlayStation (1) with a good selection of games for a very fair price (eBay of course!).

tombraider.jpgAlthough I have Tomb Raider on the PC, I am totally out of my PC gaming nowadays and prefer a larger screen and the ability to avoid the little annoyances you get from using a computer such as Windows interfering with the game, downloading new drivers, upgrading, MSN going ‘bing’ etc.

Maybe I am just getting older and wiser and becoming a little nostalgic in my later years (only 25, but hey!), however sometimes I just crave a little classic gaming every now and then and with Scart switcher boxes coming to the rescue with all the wires, the temptation can be too strong.

So although we may have Xbox 360’s, PlayStation 3’s or Nintendo Wii’s, never forget our gaming heritage. This is indicated by how many new consoles look back to the past for compatibility and bringing older games back to life in high definition. Love the games you play now, but cherish the ones that started it all!

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