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SmartJoy X USB Adapter for Xbox Controller to PC Review

smartjoyusb.jpgI for one adore the Controller ‘S’ for Xbox. The analogue sticks are in the perfect place for my personal preference and also the buttons are incredibly sensitive. Now how about using this perfect controller or another Xbox controller on your PC games? Well this is now possible thanks to the SmartJoy USB Adapter.

The cable is a decent length but also remembering that the official Xbox controllers also come with an extremely generous length of cable so no problems here what so ever. To connect to the PC all you need is a USB port on your PC to plug into and to remove the break away cable from your Xbox controller to connect to the smaller connector.

This is all you get, the cable and no drivers included. They are available on the internet but it is quite a search to get the right driver for you as there are a few around all offering different features. Luckily for you, further down the review I have posted some driver links of what I have found and recommend.

Plugging your controller into the PC is great by itself as you already have a controller of great quality on your Xbox so it seems daft to spend another 30 odd pounds for a PC version. The benefits do not end their though. You can also use your Xbox Live headset to use for PC gaming or just for chatting on MSN, Yahoo or another messenger program of your choice that supports voice communication on the PC. This is a great benefit, but again there is so much more.

You can also plug in your memory card to access game saves and also transfer game saves to and from your Xbox if you have a memory card and the right software which is again available on the internet. What a money saver this turns out to be indeed.

The drivers allow for your Xbox controller to work with most PC gamers that use controllers as an option. With 24 buttons you can program, you will surely have enough to play around with in even the most challenging PC game.


A great simple cable that can bring so much more to your PC gaming experience especially when you consider the extra benefits of plugging your memory card in and your PC detecting it and the Xbox Live headset through the PC also brings a smile to your face. A bargain buy, although it would have been nice to see the drivers included rather then having to scour round the internet yourself.

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