There are many, many point and click adventure games out there especially if you rewind back to the 1990s. In more recent years, there have been remasters for Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle and of course various special editions and Director’s Cut versions of others.

My favourite from the genre has to be though Simon the Sorcerer and today alerted by one of our Pixel Refresh community on Discord, I realise there is now a recently announced Simon the Sorcerer prequel on the way! OK, I will have to wait until 2023 to get my eager hands on a copy, however it is currently in development and we have a teaser trailer and a selection of screenshots to pick at my nostalgic sentiments yet again.

Simon the Sorcerer – Origins is the official prequel to the original Simon the Sorcerer game and transports players back to a few weeks before the events of the first episode. The game world is crafted with a modern visual style filled with seamless realtime sequences, magic and puzzle solving tied together with an engrossing storyline that will finally answer some important questions raised by fans from the first game. 

Press release

After Simon the Sorcerer 2, I didn’t really follow the series too much. Simon the Sorcerer 3D, although a charming title in its own right, unfortunately the painful move to 3D did it absolutely no favours and has aged dreadfully and yet, maybe… just maybe, Simon the Sorcerer Origins will bring us back on track.

Of course my love for Simon the Sorcerer isn’t a secret and I created a fan-made soundtrack that is usable within ScummVM for the very original title too…

Simon the Sorcerer – Origins will be coming to PC and consoles in early 2023.

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