Simon the Sorcerer Music for Nintendo DS Port

If you use your Nintendo DS with the ScummVM DS Port, you can now enjoy my external enhanced soundtrack for this device. It is compressed to IMA ADPCM, mono, 22,050Hz quality, but doesn’t sound bad at all through the DS speakers.

I haven’t had much time lately to work on music, but I haven’t forgotten the project either. There will be a patch for the Simon the Sorcerer music eventually and a new game will be added to the list as well with support from the original composer!

Hope you enjoy this little latest addition for Simon the Sorcerer. It still remains my favourite game of all time and with seeing so many ports of ScummVM now, I can only try and support as many as I can so nearly everyone can experience the music I have been working on.

Link: Simon the Sorcerer Music for Nintendo DS Port

James Woodcock

James is a Freelance Journalist, Author, Blogger & Podcaster specialising in gaming, gadgets and technology. Ever since he experienced the first controllable pixel movement on the television screen, he has been entranced by the possibilities and rewarding entertainment value generated from these metal and plastic boxes of delight. Writing hundreds of articles including commentary and reviews on various gaming platforms, while also interviewing well known industry figures for popular online publications. Available for hire, contact me for more information.

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13 years ago

Excellent! This will be perfect now that I’ve completed Legend of Kyrandia (effin’ mazecrawler that turned out to be).

The DS is the most SCUMM device ever, IMHO.