I have been releasing my fan-made game soundtracks in full ever since I started the ScummVM Music Enhancement Project starting with Simon the Sorcerer. I am now pleased to announce that the latest title I am working on is Simon the Sorcerer 2.

Simon the Sorcerer II: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe is a classic point-and-click adventure game is a sequel to the original Simon the Sorcerer. Developed by Adventure Soft and released in 1995, the game follows Simon, a teenage wizard transported to a whimsical fantasy world by a wardrobe where he will once again encounter Sordid.

Once completed, the soundtrack can be used with ScummVM, a fantastic piece of software that allows you to play classic point and click adventure games on modern computers without the headaches of compatibility. Through ScummVM, just as you can with my other fan-made soundtracks, you can play the game with my soundtrack playing as you move from scene to scene. Rather than relying on whatever MIDI device you have setup, you can instead use my audio recordings, which will be available in FLAC and Ogg Vorbis audio formats.

Below is an early demo of some of the tracks I have been working on so far. Still a lot to do, but getting there…

Simon the Sorcerer 2 early beta demo of my fan-made soundtrack

I don’t know as of yet when I will complete my version of the soundtrack and the developers of ScummVM are now also working on their software so the tracks can be used within the game, however as soon as everything falls into place, I will of course post on Pixel Refresh.

A big thank you goes to Simon Woodroffe for providing permission for the full fan-made soundtrack to be released as soon as it is completed.

You can view all of my current fan-made soundtracks here: ScummVM Music Enhancement Project.

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2 thoughts on “Simon the Sorcerer 2 Fan-Made Game Soundtrack Coming Soon – Early Demo Sample

  • Hey James, looking forward to this release. Is there any update?

    • Hi Chris. No updates at the moment, the soundtrack is essentially completed though, just waiting for ScummVM to look at finishing off the implementation and then testing will follow. No specific ETA I am afraid, but as soon as it is available – I will of course post on my website here that it’s available for download.


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