Having recently purchased myself a VA0 SEGA Saturn PAL unit after missing my original model I sold so many years ago, I have been reliving the joy of this classic console all over again. The SEGA Saturn is a window into the 2D transition to 3D with some evident pain points along the way as developers get to grips with the hardware and the change in perspective. Having already replaced the internal power supply with a more modern version, there was one last thing that certainly needed my attention…

Even since I acquired the SEGA Saturn, one thing was clear, well I should actually say not very clear and that was the included SCART cable that came with it. Although RGB and stereo sound, there was severe interference causing the picture to lose stability by what can only be described as a visible wobble. If that wasn’t bad enough, the sound suffered from severe background distortion that would change as the brightness intensity onscreen did. It was just a bad experience and one that needed a solution.

My SEGA Saturn VA0

I came across the PACKAPUNCH PRO CABLE from Retro Gaming Cables and the customer reviews looked good, so I thought this was a worthy attempt to sort out all of my frustrations. I plug my SEGA Saturn into modern TVs using a very popular option and that is of course the Open Source Scan Converter or OSSC. Converting SCART to HDMI, I can use my large 4K TV to play classic gaming consoles like I have never before and with the addition of a PACKAPUNCH PRO CABLE – fingers crossed with an interference free experience.

Upon arrival of the PACKAPUNCH PRO CABLE, it was instantly noticable how well built and put together it was. This thing is sturdy, with a reassuringly thick presence that certainly looks the part especially when you compare it to the official cable that originally came with the console. My confidence levels raised, I inserted the 10 pin Mini DIN connector into the SEGA Saturn and the EuroSCART into my OSSC. I flipped the OSSC switch to the on position, picked up my Logitech Harmony Universal Remote and pressed the power button on the SEGA Saturn and braced myself for what was to come.

The cable boasts protection against magnetic inteference and crosstalk between individual signals inside the cable. Certainly sounds impressive on paper…

Individually Shielded PACKAPUNCH cable. i.e. Each core inside the cable has its own shielding. Including the following; Red, Green, Blue, Sync, Audio Left, Audio Right and 5 volts line. And this is complemented by an overall foil shield.

Retro Gaming Cables

Thankfully any fears I had disappeared within an instance as the picture no longer had the shakes and the audio, although not totally devoid of noise was by far an improved experience that meant I could crank up the volume and hear that Red Book CD audio in all its glory without any nasty auditory surprises along for the ride. At this point, any remaining audio interference as extremely minimal as it is now – I look to other areas for possible weaknesses in my own setup rather than looking in any way negatively towards the cable itself.

Thanks to the PAL / NTSC RGB SCART PACKAPUNCH PRO CABLE, my SEGA Saturn is again an absolute joy to behold. The thick shielding and integrated Printed Circuit Board interface all ensure interference is kept to an absolute minimum and therefore I can certainly recommend this cable with ease







  • Interference greatly reduced
  • Well built sturdy SCART cable
  • Supports RGB and Stereo

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