ScummVM ‘Official’ on the Apple App Store for iPhone & iPad

Enjoy without jailbreaking! ScummVM, a program that lets users play classic adventure games on modern devices is now available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Yes, I also had to re-read the information when I read it for the first time on the ScummVM news page, and yet there it is for all to see. ScummVM is now available on the Apple App Store, with support for iPhone and iPad devices…

ScummVM is a program that allows users to play classic point-and-click adventure games on modern systems and stands for “Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine”. It is an open-source software project that aims to recreate the scripting engines used in various adventure games released by LucasArts and other developers. By using ScummVM, users can run these games on platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and many more and crucially even if the original game was not designed for those systems.

ScummVM on the Apple App Store

Previously, if you wanted to enjoy ScummVM on either the iPhone or iPad, jailbreaking the device was required, essentially unlocking the software to allow (sideload) third party apps to run that were not available directly from the Apple App Store. This involved an element of risk as you are essentially opening up your Apple device to sources beyond those that are usually vetted by Apple themselves not to mention potential warranty issues. This is less than ideal for most people, so the fact the app is now available on the Apple App Store makes a huge difference to its reach on iOS and iPadOS.

According to Eugene Sandulenko, the Project Leader of ScummVM who I spoke with as the news went out, since ScummVM is not an emulator and does not allow running any program or code, it has been allowed on to the store.

I managed to copy Simon the Sorcerer from my NAS to the ScummVM section within the Files app on iPadOS and then within the ScummVM app I was able to add the game and indeed.. play!

I have also written a guide on how to copy your games to the iPhone or iPad: How to Transfer ScummVM Games to iPad & iPhone Guide (App Store Version).

I hope the ScummVM app remains on the Apple App Store and grows in compatibility along with its other platform counterparts.

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