I haven’t had much time to spend working on this project recently, however I do have some new information for those who are interested.

I am happy with the completed Simon the Sorcerer soundtrack, which I now consider to be 98% complete, with just final encoding to OGG format now required.

Inherit the Earth is 100% completed, although I would like to get myself a copy of the MT-32 Music CD they are selling on the creators website, so I can maybe re-edit some of the tracks to closer match the original composers ideas, someone like to send me this CD to help with the project?

Discworld, although yet to be implemented into the ScummVM software program, is virtually complete now with just loop editing and naming of tracks left. This was by far the easiest soundtrack to do as the original MIDI files were in such excellent condition compared to a lot of the other games available. The tracks sound stunning and bring back so many happy memories.

I have been asked to consider some other games for inclusion, however at this time the ones listed on my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project page are the ones I am sticking to until they are all completed. The interest in this project has been staggering, accounting for a third of total visitors viewing this area alone. Thank you to those who have offered help and advice, it is really appreciated.

Please remember ScummVM does not currently support external OGG files with looping for the games mentioned and permissions need to be granted by the original game creators before distribution of my enhancement work can be published legally without problem.

Link: ScummVM Music Enhancement Project

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10 thoughts on “ScummVM Music Enhancement Project Update

  • Have you ever heard the original Simon the Sorcerer music? By that, I mean: have you ever heard the Simon the Sorcerer music played on the MT-32? Comparing the original intro music with the MT-32 version, it sounds like you replaced sounds that are supposted be acoustic instruments with synth pads.

    • Actually you could say there are 3 versions of the Simon the Sorcerer soundtrack…

      MIDI (Adlib)

      I have heard all three versions and created a soundtrack that should hopefully bring back a lot of memories for all.

      I certainly can’t please everyone or remain completely faithful when there are different versions, however I have had a very good response to my work which is after all ‘Fan made’ and FREE!

      • Did I do something wrong? I got a message saying I needed approval from a moderator before posting that did not appear before.

        • You added a link to your comment, so it goes in moderation automatically in case it’s SPAM.

  • It does have a resemblance to the Module versions on Amiga and Acorn Archimedes editions, however with the MIDI files I went for a more orchestral version on some of the tracks – put it down to personal taste :)

    I have been thinking of creating a more non-orchestral version for some of the tracks, however time is the issue and I have Touché to finish first.

    • If so, then the MT-32 version of the opening theme should contain an electric organ playing the background harmony, a clarinet for the main melody, a bassoon, and a string part. There are a few other instruments as well. However, there are no bells or breathy-sounding instruments like the ones in the recording I linked to. Does that sound correct?
      Was the game’s music originally composed for the MT-32? Many games during this era (not just Sierra games) were composed for the MT-32 and converted for other devices. It sounds like that was done with this game based on the module versions that use MT-32 instruments.

      • The recording you linked to isn’t an accurate representation of an MT-32.

        Search YouTube and I am sure you will find something better representative.

        My enhanced tracks aren’t exact comparisons and I don’t use an MT-32 to create my versions.  They are my own interpretation based on the familiar themes within the game.

        • I’ve sent you an e-mail to continue the discussion. This comment thread is becoming hard to read.

        • “Hard to read” is a refernece to the fact that the threaded discussion becomes thinner as the discussion continues. Now, only a few words per line can be displayed.

  • Perhaps I should have mentioned this earlier. What I was trying to say is, is this Music Enhancement Project really necessary? Most people have never heard the original versions of these songs, and are used to the idea that all old MS-DOS games contain FM-synthesized music. The MT-32 uses Linear Arithmetic synthesis, and therefore sounds much closer to what the original composers intended. Listening to your samples, it sounds like you just replaced the original MT-32 instruments with ones that you thought sounded good. The enhanced recordings do not seem to reflect the sound of the original music and often replace sounds that represent acoustic instruments with synth pads.


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