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ScummVM Announces My Discworld Music Enhancement Project Integration Completion – Video Preview Included!

On the ScummVM website, they have just announced that years of persistence have paid off and their application for classic Point and Click Adventure games now supports Discworld with my enhanced music in their early developers build of the software:

The developers of ScummVM are pleased to announce that as of today, the classic game Discworld has full support for James Woodcock’s Music Enhancement Project within the developers build. The project started way back in January 2006 as James Woodcock committed himself to use the original MIDI files from various Point and Click Adventure titles, creating enhanced versions using modern MIDI equipment.

I am quoted as saying:

“I have tried very hard to remain faithful to the originals in respect to the excellent composers creations…” says James Woodcock, creator of the ScummVM Music Enhancement Project. He continues “…There has been a lot of support and interest from Discworld fans, who have been monitoring its progress very carefully and it is with great pleasure I can finally play Discworld using new versions of the original soundtrack with many thanks to the developers of ScummVM for all their hard work in making this feature possible”.

Looking back, I remember first approaching people with the idea of using enhanced external audio files. At first the reception was curious, yet afraid. I was actually a little scared too, tampering with the original music in an effort of a mere home enthusiast keyboard player to add a little more joy for everybody. Thankfully over time most people have been incredibly supportive of the project and Simon the Sorcerer was the first completed soundtrack I created that the online community could actually use within the game thanks to the tremendous efforts of everyone at ScummVM.


Discworld on ScummVM early developers build with my enhanced music
YouTube compresses the audio quite heavily, so please take this as a reduced quality early example only!

And as a reminder, how it sounded before:

For those eager to give this game a whirl, I am afraid you need to wait a little longer…

At the moment, the developers of ScummVM are waiting for Discworld to become freeware, which is hopefully expected this year. Those who have downloaded the original soundtrack set I released some time ago will need to download Discworld Enhanced Music Soundtrack Version 2.0 (which will be released with the freeware version of the game simultaneously) as there are a few additional tracks, track 03 has also been re-done and more importantly, version 2.0 is also fully compatible with ScummVM (first version was never meant to be and was only a preview!).

All tracks were enhanced on the Yamaha Tyros2 keyboard connected via USB to my computer, which uses Cakewalk Express 6 which actually I received free off a magazine cover disk quite a few years ago now.

I of course also wish to thank Terry Pratchett for giving me permission to release the soundtrack and of course to the original composer Rob Lord, who made such a fantastic impression on Discworld with his superb score.

Here are a few little facts for you…

There are 106 tracks in total and the average track length 58 seconds. The total soundtrack playing time is 1 hour, 42 minutes and 55 seconds.

I really hope you enjoy Discworld with these enhanced tracks upon release.

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9 thoughts on “ScummVM Announces My Discworld Music Enhancement Project Integration Completion – Video Preview Included!

  • Now the big question is; since I never played the original, should I play with or without this enhanced music when I try this game for the very first time.

  • Just tested discworld enhanced music with scummvm SVN, it’s great but I have a question: the overall tempo seems faster than the original midis, is it normal ?

  • It is the TEMPO of the actual MIDI files within the game as far as I am aware, however it seems that the MIDI files were then adjusted within the game code slowing the TEMPO.

    I am not sure why this was implemented, however I chose to use the unaffected TEMPO as it sounds better to me than the slower version.

  • That’s great you’ll release Soundtrack Version 2.0, because I was so sad, when I noticed the first version didn’t include some tracks that I liked very much (most of all the music playing during the final battle with the dragon) :)

    You did awesome work with enhancing. I can’t wait for the release ;)

  • Fantastic! Was just about to start Discworld again and as luck would have it…!

  • As scummvm have now announced we’re unlikely to see discworld as freeware in time for their next release, do you intend to release v2 of the soundtrack soon, instead of waiting for freeware discworld?

  • I am afraid I am a little out of the loop regarding freeware status for Discworld, however if I do intend to release before the freeware or at the same time, it will be posted on my blog :)

    Also keep an eye on my Twitter :)


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