If you are a serious gamer, and by serious you are either in or ambition is to become a professional – one of the areas your focus will inevitably shift to is which headset to buy. Ensuring you can hear the action around you, while also listening in on the team conversation for instructions. Quite the balancing act, however the Sades Spellond Pro Headset aims to achieve just that.

Compatible with Windows PC, macOS, Linux and PS4 / PS4 Pro, the Sades Spellond Pro Headset features a simple USB connection, so setting up is incredibly simple – plug-in and away you go within just moments.

This Sades Spellond Pro Headset is certainly not a small set of headphones. Speaking to my fiancée over video chat did bring her some comical relief as she couldn’t believe the size of the headset sitting upon my head. Although among the chuckling, she did manage to comment on the good sound quality from the microphone, which handily can be hidden within the headset or pull out as needed – so I will take that little win there at least.

The size of the headset could be a little off putting for some, and weighing at 360g they aren’t exactly light – however, the big surprise here is that they are extremely comfortable to wear. The padding along the top and around the speakers provide plenty of cushion, essential for those long gaming sessions. I didn’t need to reach to adjust the headset once during long multiplayer games, which I usually do for other variants, ensuring I was not distracted for the mission ahead.

The black and blue coloured design certainly looks the part with a good all round build quality and basic lighting too, although this is more to reflect the two audio states of the headset in use, rather than provide a full RGB spectrum of colour.

  • Sensitivity (single player mode) : 95 ± 3 dB at 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity (multiplayer mode) : 97 ± 3 dB at 1 kHz
  • Frequency response : 20~20,000 Hz
  • Impedance : 16 Ω at 1 kHz
  • Speaker diameter : 50 mm
  • Cable Length : 3.0m / 9.84ft
  • Input Plug : Gold-plated USB Plug
  • Weight (Headset only): 360g / 0.79lb

Now we move on to the sound quality, the area where the Sades Spellond Pro Headset wins and also falls apart a little too. There are two distinct audio modes available, both meant to be designed for specific uses…

If you are playing a campaign or single-player game – the idea is to push the headset speakers to the max. Bass, oh my the bass is intense from the two 50mm speakers and trust me when I say I love bass. This bass however here, well it’s just insane. Its strength does as advertised and with the extra vibration feature turned on too, the rumble it creates certainly feels like one of the controller vibration motors have been shifted to sit on your head, but this isn’t a pleasant feeling nor is it actually improving the sound sensation. Instead, it is incredibly bass heavy, drowning out a lot of the other more subtle details while it pushes the lower end hard, very hard! It’s certainly an experience, but not one I have ever desired. It is here I was craving specific drivers / controls for the headset within Windows 10, where I could adjust the EQ – but alas, this wasn’t to be. You can disable the so-called vibration, by using the button on the built-in controls, however even then, the bass was still drowning out a lot of the mid-range and high level details.

The other mode is best placed for online multiplayer titles, greatly reducing the pounding bass and instead picking out the voice communications from your team, without losing the other essential gaming cues you need to target your foes. This was a far more pleasing experience, combined with the wonderful comfort the headset provides – I could happily game online with these for hours.

There are also built-in controls for convenience and when gaming on Windows 10 in my test situation, these were very helpful. Available controls include the obvious, including volume up and down, muting the microphone and turning off the speakers. An additional button is in place for switching between the single and multiplayer audio modes and one final one to disable/enable the vibration function and its intensity.


For online gaming, the Sades Spellond Pro Headset is a joy to use – with clear audio communication, while detailing the game environment around you with accuracy. The ‘single player mode’ option however is an overly bass heavy mix and with the vibration on too, the settings paired I didn’t find enjoyable at all. The built-in remote is handy with plenty of control of the basic settings and the real star of the show is the comfort with the superb padding on offer. It may be a tale of two halves here, but for the most part this is a very good quality headset for online gaming that is worthy of your consideration if you are careful in the modes you select.

Sades Spellond Pro Professional Gaming Headset






  • Supremely comfortable
  • Good clear audio for communication between team
  • Value for money!


  • Bass can be insanely strong overpowering other details
  • Choose your audio modes wisely!

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