Remember… Lock your Car Doors on Journeys

One of my closest female friends had quite a scare recently and she felt, that it needed sharing with others, so hopefully they could avoid this horrid situation themselves. After reading her message, I asked if I could post it on my blog site and she wonderfully agreed:

On Sunday morning, at around 2am I was driving home from a friend’s house. I stopped at traffic lights, only a taxi in front of me. Four kids walked around the corner and before I knew it, they were trying to get into my car. The one who approached my driver’s door, had a knife in his hand. Fortunately, moments (and I mean seconds) before this, I realised I hadn’t locked my doors as I usually do and I put on the central locking. I dread to think what would have happened had I not done this. At the very least, they would have taken my bag, possibly chucked me out of the car. But the worst case scenario doesn’t really bear thinking about. As it happened, when they realised the door was locked, they swore and shouted a bit, then incredibly casually walked away down the road.

We hear about this sort of thing happening and maybe all should take a little more care when traveling around. I know it was in Coventry, I know it was in the early hours, but it really could happen at any time, anywhere. I wanted to send everyone a message because when you hear the story from someone ‘first hand’ I think it makes you take it a little more seriously.


I am very happy to know she is OK and I am very proud of her for sharing this with everyone, so they can learn from this experience.

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7 thoughts on “Remember… Lock your Car Doors on Journeys

  • Most new cars automatically lock the doors when driving 5mph+.
    Though in my car you can only lock or unlock the doors from the outside…

    That said, it really shouldn’t happen at any time, anywhere… more like never. But that statement doesn’t mean much if you experienced it 8-|

  • Only lock the doors from the outside? Why on earth is that the case?

    I didn’t know about the 5mph+ auto locking either on very new cars, good feature to have.

  • Well on the inside of the door, there’s no button or something to lock the door, just a handle to open the door, the car doesn’t have central locking or anything.

  • well well well its nothing new, i dispise these type of people.

    they were probably chavs who were brought by a family that is useless a parenting:-w

  • The problem is that chav or not these parasites are everywhere worst thing is by paying our tax we are funding them! The police have no resource to stop them either. I agree blame the parents tho, these were kids and they were out at 2am ….. why?

  • This happened to me too, quite a few years ago.

    Someone walked out in front on me, I beeped my horn to let him know I was there! So he decided he would jump all over my bonnet, bang on the windscreen and windows.

    He then started trying to get in all the doors, luckily I had them all locked so he gave up. I have always kept all my doors locked since then and I’m lucky and have automatic locking on my doors now when I reach 5 MPH.


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