Discworld Soundtrack

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Discworld Soundtrack, designed specifically for use with the ScummVM software with enhancements using modern music hardware by James Woodcock. Available in FLAC and OGG Vorbis formats.

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I am very happy to release my enhanced fanmade soundtrack for you to use within the game, which will give everyone higher quality sounding music and not just those with powerful MIDI equipment.

Includes FLAC lossless audio as well as the standard Ogg Vorbis option.

A big thank you for the countless emails I have had about this particular release and of course to Terry Pratchett for allowing my enhancements to be released for your enjoyment.

Please note this is not compatible with the PlayStation version within ScummVM as the music mapping is completely different.

Featured on the DOS GAME CLUB Podcast

Discworld podcast snippet from the DOS GAME CLUB Podcast with James Woodcock, creator of the ScummVM Music Enhancement Project as recorded guest speaker.

Discworld music demo within ScummVM

Installation instructions

To install, extract the music from the zip file and copy it to your Discworld folder on your hard drive. Make sure you have the latest version of ScummVM (minimum v1.0). For best quality (although not mandatory), start the ScummVM program and select Discworld. Now select [Edit Game], switch to Audio tab and set Sample Rate to 44kHz.


The ScummVM Music Enhancement project was created by James Woodcock to help enhance the MIDI music of some titles that are compatible with the ScummVM program. Enhanced work by James Woodcock must not be used for profit or hosted elsewhere without express permission from James Woodcock.

The original MIDI files from this classic point and click adventure have been altered and enhanced by James Woodcock with permission, to work with current MIDI devices and further optimised and recorded from the Yamaha Tyros series of keyboards.

These files are for personal use only, not to be used commercially and are not to be distributed without permission from James Woodcock. They are intended for use with the ScummVM software only! Game not included!

IMPORTANT NOTE: My ‘enhancements’ are literally myself enhancing the original MIDI file quality, which is sent through modern MIDI equipment and the result recorded. It is not meant as enhancing the work of the original composer and if anything is a testimony to their wonderful creations!

Additional information

Audio Format

FLAC, OGG Vorbis

5 reviews for Discworld Soundtrack

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  1. Tom

    As both a die-hard adventure gamer and a music lover, I heartily endorse Mr Woodcock’s superb work. The original Discworld game had some pretty catchy and tuneful tracks that sounded great even on the crude DOS hardware of the era; these new, enhanced tracks not only make those old favourites sound even better but, more importantly, really bring some of the otherwise less memorable tracks to the fore. The realistic woodwind, strings and drums give a much more authentic Early Music sound, perfectly fitting with the game’s pseudo-medieval-to-renaissance tone, to many of the locations than the more synthetic, electronic sounds of the average 90s MIDI card.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)


  3. Fox Line (verified owner)


  4. Jacek Puszko (verified owner)

    well the sound track is perfect but I can’t use it for PlayStation version of Discworld game on my pc in scummvm wrong music is playing everywhere

    • James Woodcock (store manager)

      Thank you for the review!

      I’ll update the description based on this feedback. The music mapping must be different than the PC version. I’ll keep this in mind and see if a future ScummVM update can handle this. Might take time but I’ll make a note of it for you!



  5. Pat (verified owner)

    I’ve been playing Discworld with the enhanced soundtrack since it first released. No reason to play the game without it.

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