Eddie from Sitcom Frasier Goes to Doggy Heaven

frasier.jpgMy favourite comedy sitcom has to be Frasier, but one of the most comical moments in any episode is when dog resident ‘Eddie’ is on screen. Today it has been revealed that Moose (Eddie’s real name) passed away:

The scrappy little dog who starred as Eddie on television sitcom Frasier has died. The white and tan Jack Russell terrier, whose real name was Moose, was a frail 16 years old. In a career that saw him become one of the most famous pets on the small screen, the pooch played cheeky canine Eddie, who drove Kelsey Grammer’s lead character crazy on the hit show. His role in Frasier was taken over by his son, Enzo, who appeared as Eddie for the final years.

frasier2.jpgIt is amazing how animals can have such an impact in comedy and indeed in general story telling. The countless appearances on television and film that include animals that are there merely to bring a smile to our face is proof of their timeless contribution to entertainment and serious drama.

Ponder for a moment on some of the shows you watch that include animals? So when you next watch Frasier, raise a paw in respect for the memory of Moose.

Link: Frasier Pooch Dies At 16

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5 thoughts on “Eddie from Sitcom Frasier Goes to Doggy Heaven

  • Was sad to hear that yesterday, one of the stars of the show

  • When watching Fraiser I always welcomed Eddie’s entrance on the set. He was a joy to watch and I’m sure he will be missed.

  • I konw im two years late, cos i just found out moose has died. this is an email to offer my condolences for his family… he was a great dog and very funny! most amooseing. long live Enzo :((:((

  • Eddie was the funniest dogs ever on a tv show. N could have never been televised on any other sitcim other than frasier. God bless that crazy hound


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