WPtouch ProIn my 30th podcast I feature Dale Mugford, who is the co-founder of Brave New Code.

They have created a plugin for WordPress called WPtouch that gives your website or blog a mobile theme that decreases loading times and optimises for a touch-screen device.

Topics include:

  • Who is Dale Mugford and how did Brave New Code begin?
  • Why did you specifically choose to support WordPress?
  • Why would someone who has a website or blog powered by WordPress need WPtouch?
  • WPtouch install process
  • Free versus purchasable versions available
  • WPtouch celebrity endorsement from Stephen Fry
  • [/embed]

  • WPtouch Web-App mode
  • The opportunities with HTML5
  • WPtouch Apple iPad support
  • Supporting other tablet devices
  • Considering interface and screen sizes on a tablet
  • Options within WPtouch
  • Disabling plugins specifically for mobile themes
  • Prioritising content
  • Possible future developments for WPtouch
  • Dale reverses roles and interviews James on his experience of WPtouch on James Woodcock’s blog

To find out more information about WPtouch and their other plugins, visit the Brave New Code website.

James Woodcock

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #30 – Brave New Code and the WPtouch Plugin for WordPress with Dale Mugford

  • This is a fantastic plugin, especially on the iPad. I've been bookmarking sites optimised for the iPad using WPTouch from BNC's support forums just so that I frequently visit and enjoy the optimised versions. That how I found your site.

    I'll be downloading this podcast.. :-)

  • Ditto that! I've started collecting a good number of WPtouch compatible sites myself! There's still a few minor bugs but they are fast in smashing them, great support!


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