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Podcast #29 RailWorks Updates – New Career System and Future Interface Plans

Paul Jackson, CEO of joins me again on my podcast to discuss the RailWorks Train Simulator, which is available predominantly on Steam.

In this audio interview, Paul tells us about many of the exciting updates that have either just released or will be coming to us in the very near future. These include a brand new career system, challenging you to perfect your locomotive skills or feel the pain of losing crucial points and a discussion regarding an upcoming set of interface changes that will push rail simulation far further than ever before.

James Woodcock

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7 thoughts on “Podcast #29 RailWorks Updates – New Career System and Future Interface Plans

  • hi james you need too upgrade the u.s routes and we need u.s.a passengers routes like mts east coast nec.

  • or a pacific /cascades route
    change launcher web browser to prefered (i dont use IE)

  • At some point around 2/3 of the podcast, Paul Jackson says that the current version of the Career system is not as difficult as it should be. I tend to agree with that. Sometimes, you don't drive a train as a real driver would, and I think the player should be warned about that. Actually, the new Career scenario which I tested on a scenario on the Hagen-Siegen route bring a bit more challenge. And again, I agree with all the concept of bringing fuel usage and other real world indicators into the game, making the simulation even more realistic

  • Is there anyway of winding the seat down too get a better feel of the controls while driving the locos it always feels that we sit to high in the seat

  • distribute railworks 2010 in czech,please

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  • Make a eurostar free roam


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