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Podcast #26 – RailWorks Train Simulator with Paul Jackson CEO of

Paul Jackson, CEO of joins me on the telephone to discuss the RailWorks Train Simulator, which is available predominantly on Steam.

In this audio interview, Paul tells us about his history with trains, the process of creating such a complex simulator and what exciting items of content and features are around the corner for those who like me love to try our hand at controlling steam, diesel and electric trains of all kinds from all over the world from the comfort of our own home.

James Woodcock

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6 thoughts on “Podcast #26 – RailWorks Train Simulator with Paul Jackson CEO of

  • Well, at least they are on the right track…

  • Can never have too many trains :P


  • The idea of this sim and heart was good but for myself and I think I can speak for others if there are from the orig and still great msts train sin . railworks feels like something is missing. everytime you play it ,in fact not touched it for a while on a diffrant issue,(going back to it soon) =)but come on it could have been better and hopefully they wil finally get there. yes the graphics have improved and other tweeks but there is so many other niggles offseting that, msts was never perfect but stil is more enjoyable ,its a great pity that the new msts came to a halt, if it had I think myself persanlly think railworks would be pushed to second place quite quickly.with its plastic leaf looking trees and lots of non smooth movement of the engines(and thats with a powerful computer with things turned up to look decant, it just dosent hit the mark ime sure other fans could mention other niggles and would say like me its stil a good ok sim, but still does not hit the mark, maybee its gameplay which is always the important thing or the atmosphere, that msts gave in its sim is missing i dont no. looking at the new msts before they packed it in looked like on a better track lol and even looked better..oh we we just hope railworks gets there in the end or untill sombody gets hold of the msts 2 code and retakes it on

  • blinding! a man thats like me, from kent and loves trains!

  • my biggest issue is how the there is little stuff for the usa its as if they jus did it for the sake of doin it am quite disappointed


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