winsupersite.jpgI interview Paul Thurrott regarding Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows Vista. Paul is an independent journalist who loves to cover Microsoft software right from the early stages of its life and past the day of release. He is also featured on his own website ‘SuperSite for Windows‘ and in a podcast called ‘Windows Weekly‘ over at the ‘This Week in Tech‘ website.

Paul is here in this podcast to explain the pros and cons of Windows Vista with his expert opinions and advice for home consumers in particular, who are confused with the countless stories on the Internet.

Topics discussed include:

  • Paul Thurrott and his websites
  • Which version of Windows Vista should we buy?
  • Ultimate Extras
  • OEM or retail?
  • Should we wait for better drivers before getting Vista? (Windows Vista Upgrade Adviser)
  • Should PC gamers wait?
  • Installation difficulty?
  • Experimenting with different versions of Vista before deciding which one
  • New Windows interface design
  • Features of the new Start menu
  • Aero Glass just eye candy?
  • Flip 3D cool?
  • Copying Mac OS X?
  • What is there for PC Gamers?
  • Does the average home user need a new PC for Windows Vista?
  • Older software compatibility
  • Live Anywhere (Live for Windows) Features
  • The new Windows Media Center
  • The new security features of Windows Vista
  • Has Internet Explorer 7 caught up with the Mozilla Firefox browser?
  • No one thing, but many small reasons why you should purchase Windows Vista
  • Features originally planned for Vista Paul is disappointed are missing in final release?
  • ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive performance features
  • Sticking with Windows Vista or going back to Windows XP?

You can find screenshots and a review of Windows Vista over at Paul’s website.

James Woodcock

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10 thoughts on “Podcast #15 – Paul Thurrott on Windows Vista

  • Better than the windows weekly because the host isn’t interruptting Paul all the time

  • Good interview! I allways liked Paul’s reviews, since Longhorn.

  • Very good, I like Pauls reviews too, since a long time!

  • Is it me? I’m only receiving the first 10 minutes of this interview. How do I get the rest?

  • A+ interview! :)>-

    This is WAY better than the joke called “windows weekly”. Sad that this is only one podcast with Paul and not a continuing

  • Thanks for the comments, but can I just say I actually like the Windows Weekly Podcast (and indeed TWIT in general). The advantage mine has though is that it covered the Vista essential basics for anyone considering to upgrade in the near future.

    Maybe more pleasant for people to have a beginning and an end rather than instalments? :)

  • Great interview James. The information given will help people to decide whether to upgrade or not, and of course which version to buy.

  • I like Windows Weekly (never miss a show) but I thought this interview was better :)



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