Podcast #12 – Klipfolio President and CEO

One of the most useful applications I use on my computer has to be Klipfolio by Serence Inc. This handy program is a free download, that when configured can read your favourite websites by using their RSS feeds or by pre-built Klips, to let you know about new information in a very convenient way.

In this podcast, I interview Allan Wille, President and CEO of Serence Inc who are behind the Klipfolio application.

This edition features:

  • What is Klipfolio?
  • When and how did Klipfolio and Serence Inc. come into existence?
  • How can Klipfolio be used other than just reading RSS feeds?
  • What are the differences between Klipfolio 2.6 and the latest 3.0?
  • What features are you planning on adding in the future? (Klipfolio 3.5/4.0?)
  • Klipfolio worldwide
  • Did you expect Klipfolio to expand as quickly as it has?
  • Klipfolio statistics
  • New Klipfolio website
  • When can we expect the next versions of Klipfolio?
  • Features of Klipfolio 3.1
  • Process of creating your own Klip
  • Creating your own skins
  • Monitoring Forums
  • What is the criteria for receiving an ‘Editor’s choice’ Award?
  • What services do you offer to companies wanting to customise Klipfolio for their own brand?
  • Have you considered creating any other applications?
  • How do you personally use Klipfolio and what feeds do you monitor?
  • Questions submitted on Klipfolio’s discussion forum

My site James Woodcock’s Blog also has Klips available to download if you use Klipfolio.

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