weareversus.jpgIn my latest podcast, I interview Siren and Vixen from their new website We are Versus. You may remember Siren who used to be known as Voodoo from Frag Dolls UK, but recently left to try something a little different.

Please note that Vixen had a horrid time with her microphone, so the sound quality of her sections were quite poor at times, but not her fault. I have also increased the quality of the overall podcast by increasing the bitrate to 48kb/sec, which was requested by quite a few listeners. I would like to thank both Vixen and Siren for joining me in the podcast, as it was extremely hot due to this mini heatwave in England.

  • What is We are Versus?
  • Voodoo and Frag Dolls UK
  • Targeting female gamers for certain types of genre right or wrong?
  • Did Siren enjoy the Frag Dolls UK experience and why did she leave?
  • What does ‘We are Versus’ feature on the website?
  • Nintendo DS Lite lurve…
  • Sony PSP not all that?
  • Getting Sony PlayStation 3 and/or Nintendo Wii?
  • Who created the actual website?
  • Which games do you play online?
  • Earning revenue through advertising in future?
  • What platforms do you enjoy gaming on?
  • Fav’ games?
  • Prey on Xbox 360
  • Where did their gamertags originate?
  • Feel little geeky when talking about gaming interests to non-gaming friends?
  • Questions submitted by the ‘We are Versus’ forum community

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11 thoughts on “Podcast #11 – We Are Versus with Siren and Vixen

  • Sorry girls, but despite all your claims of being unique that the things you’re saying in this podcast are just the things that gaming site owners have been saying for years.

  • Hmmm, commenting on the earlier comment, I’d have to say “yeah and?”
    what a needlessly negative thing to say. I’m all for a bigger community especially when it is promoting unbieased views (unlike the fragdolls.)
    It’s nice to see female gamers taking part in the community and not making a big deal out of being female.
    Well done girls keep it up and ingnore the people like “Mike” who would rather everyone did nothing, said nothing and kept the status quo. Bring on the new!
    And talking of new James this is a awesome site too found my way here via weareversus (and not some other gaming site!
    :-” ) and I really like your approach, same sort of genuine feel the versus site has!

    Good work everyone and keep it up (and cheer up mike sometimes things said in a new way have more of an impact)

  • WooooooT!!!

    Great podcast and great new site.
    VersuS girls are awesome!

    Oh and i agree with the last guy.

  • Glad you like what I am doing here Random Sam :)

    As for the comments from both you and Mike, I know Siren in particular well enough to know that what she is trying to do is show her huge enthusiasm for gaming (just like as I do with my blog site here) with the masses. Even if there are many millions, Siren and indeed Vixen will I am sure add something a little different and they already have my support so I wish them all the best for the future.

    As for the Frag Dolls UK comment, working for Ubisoft more than likely does require the need for the girls to be diplomatic and skilled in answering certain questions, however they are lovely people and add hours of entertainment both on the forum and when you join their online gaming sessions…

    In a way we are all biased towards something in life, be it gaming, politics or anything else life throws our way. When you work for someone it is always going to be hard to openly state likes and dislikes as either way you can come under critique. You have to admire the skill involved if nothing else.

    Even this reply is carefully worded as to not cause offence and to express my opinion in a respectful manner, all part of being… clever… on the internet :) Comes from moderating forums for 5 years I guess ;)

    Thanks for both of your comments and I hope everyone enjoys the interview.

  • James, you are the Xbox Live pimp.

  • Hey wow i got to say if you put this site together your self your good..
    wow man this is very good|||
    your good a html and flash keep it up ya? !

  • Well actually there will be a new look in a couple of months with a bit of luck :)

    Thanks for your comments.

  • [-( love the smilies too !!!:-w;):o/:)8-|:x\:d/:((:”>:d:(:)

  • [Comment ID #4381 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ok cool will you have a forum?

  • Unlikely as there are many sites with competing forums and this is a personal website, but you never know.


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