Featuring the two developers behind 360voice.com, Trapper Markelz and Stephen Sopp. 360voice.com allows your Xbox 360 to blog to the world, showing everybody your achievements, gamerscore, games played and even lack of activity if you have dared to neglect your beloved Microsoft Xbox 360 console for 24 hours.

You may have noticed that I have renamed my shows to Podcast instead of using Blogcast. Although I actually prefer the term Blogcast, Podcast is instantly more recognisable. This Podcast is also my 10th edition, which is something I am very happy to have reached and I thank all my guests so far who have helped me attain this number.

Podcast #10 includes:

  • What is 360voice.com?
  • Where did the idea originate?
  • How long did it take to develop?
  • Massive server demand
  • Individual tasks both Trapper and Steve perform
  • Registration process explained
  • Recommendations for integrating 360voice information
  • Any feedback from Microsoft?
  • Sony PlayStation 3 voice blogging interest?
  • Microsoft’s developer support
  • Xbox 360 love and admiration
  • Enjoying developing 360voice.com?
  • Who creates the funny quips?
  • Future additions to 360voice.com?
  • Possible customisation per Gamertag?
  • Press reaction to the website?
  • Most played games and Uno
  • High Definition Televisions
  • Purchasing HD DVD?
  • Nintendo Wii
  • First gaming experience?
  • Classic gaming compared to today?

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3 thoughts on “Podcast #10 – 360voice.com Developers Interview

  • w00t w00t! Very good as always James.

  • Thanks for having us James, hopefully I didn\’t sound too much like a tool =)


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